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DIGITTO Media is no ordinary “SEO” company. We create marketing campaigns based on your goals, and then identify the best methods to grow your sales and contacts through search engines and prominent websites. Our online marketing solutions will generate leads, produce sales, and create long-lasting relationships with your customers. Our decades of combined experiences, cutting-edge AI technology and resources will help you grow your online business and become a leader and knowledge base in your industry.

We treat your business like our business by being an extension of your company.

SEO Marketing Campaigns

Enjoy exclusive access to our proprietary CORE Brain AI SEO Dashboard!

How Can Our All-Inclusive SEO Marketing Packages & Proprietary SEO Technology Help Your Business?

Your marketing campaign is enhanced with our proprietary CORE Brain AI SEO technology. There’s nothing else like it out there! We also use the best marketing systems recognized in our industry.

  • Our proprietary AI technology will work to enhance every aspect of your SEO and/or PPC campaign.
  • Our CORE combines artificial intelligence and large data to provide further insight, and proactively checks into our marketing strategies.
  • Better yet, our team and systems will provide you the most ROI for your investment, and protect your investment over time. 
  • Let our experts lower your advertising costs with our all-inclusive tri-fold SEO campaigns.
  • Our marketing campaigns include content marketing, social media publications and optimizations,
  • All campaigns include active-managed campaigns and 24/7 project support + so much more! 
  • We have several developers who work along side our SEO team and they will always be on standby. We work around the clock, always in efforts to improve your online business success and reach your goals. 
  • Everyone wants to be top of the search results because SEO provides the best long-term ROI. 
  • We work closely with you to understand your unique businesses challenges & objectives.
  • We have a deep understanding of marketing psychology, online buying behaviors and search intent. This is valuable knowledge and will be a large piece in the success of your online business. 
All-Inclusive SEO Marketing Packages

Your active-managed marketing campaign is enhanced with our proprietary CORE Brain AI SEO technology. You will have exclusive access to your very own CORE SEO Dashboard and a project board with 24/7 support. Better yet, our marketing packages below include content marketing, social media publications, social account optimizations, on-going SEO website updates and more!


  • 20 Keyword Search Phrases
  • Keyword Research & Audits
  • [3] Content Writing 
  • [3] Outreach Post or Blog Post
  • [3] Optimize Social Media Account
  • [9] Social Media Posts 
  • Engagements & Ranking Links
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 24/7 Campaign Support 
Most Popular!


  • ✪ 30 Keyword Search Phrases
  • Keyword Research & Audit
  • [4] Content Writing 
  • [4] Outreach Posts or Blog Posts
  • [4] Optimize Social Media Accounts
  • [16] Social Media Posts
  • Engagement & Ranking Links
  • INCLUDES: SEO Dashboard, Weekly Updates, Monthly Reporting, Project Board & 24/7 Campaign Support 


  • 40 Keyword Search Phrases
  • Keyword Research & Audit
  • [5] Content Writing 
  • [5] Outreach Posts or Blog Posts
  • [5] Optimize Social Media Accounts
  • [25] Social Media Posts
  • Engagement & Ranking Links
  • [1] Large-Scale Press Release
  • INCLUDES: CTA Setup (forms/click-to-call), SEO Dashboard, Weekly Updates, Monthly Reporting, Project Board, 24/7 Campaign Support & 1 Hour Marketing Consulting Session. 


  • 50-130+ Keyword Search Phrases
  • Competitive Keyword Research
  • [6-9+] Content Writing 
  • [6-9+] Outreach Posts or Blog Posts
  • [6-8+] Optimize Media Social Accounts
  • [36-64+] Social Media Posts
  • Engagements & Ranking Links
  • [1] Large-Scale Press Release 
  • On-going Press Release Distribution
  • INCLUDES: Competitive Link-building, CTA Setup (forms/click-to-call), On-going Press Release, Weekly Updates, Monthly Reporting, SEO Dashboard, Project Board, 24/7 Campaign Support, & 1 Hour Free Business & Marketing Consultation
SEO Marketing Campaigns
All Packages Include:
  • Enhanced Campaign with Proprietary CORE Engine
  • CORE Brain AI SEO Dashboard & Insights
  • Deep Site Analysis & Effective Strategies
  • Content Marketing Promotions (Maximize SEO)
  • Social Media Management (Maximize SEO)
  • Social Account Optimization (Maximize SEO)
  • Upfront Strategies, Planning, Research & No Setup Fees
  • Active-Managed Campaign & Project Board
  • 24/7 Project Support & Initial Website Consulting
  • Experience, SEO Testing & Know-How
  • Eye In the Sky SEO Surveillance Systems (DIGITTO E.I.T.S)
  • Manual Link-Building (No Artificial Links)
  • Proprietary Technology (High Value SEO)
  • On-page Updates (As Needed)

We have vast connections and relationships with over 100,000 online sources, media partners, publishing companies. You are going to love working with us!

Marketing & Technology Aside, What Additional Value Can DIGITTO Provide?

Everyday, people actively search for your products and services online. These are people ready to buy now! So, its important your website gives your visitors a great user experience and provides value proposition. Our organic SEO solutions do just that, and our campaigns are created to drive qualified visitors to your website. This is why its important to build a website that will convert your visitors into leads!

Unlike most marketing companies, our team has a deep understanding of marketing psychology, online buying behaviors and keyword search intent. These areas of focus are extremely valuable for your business and beneficial to your online success, and we can help you with all of it! Over the years we have noted all of the problems and frustrations our customers have with their previous marketing and development teams, then we created an infrastructure with processes to solve these problems!

Active-Managed Campaigns and 24/7 Project Support

At DIGITTO, you don’t pay to get ignored. No one likes lousy customer service, which is commonly found in cheap SEO marketing services. Cheap SEO makes it impossible to get your questions answered, discuss marketing strategies, and even obtain a performance report.

Another big frustration business owners have is paying for SEO services overseas due to the language barriers and time zone differences. Marketing is not one-size-fits all, so it’s important to hire a company that can not only provide affordable pricing, but value as well. You dont want to get stuck with a Google penalty from cheap SEO services because this is almost impossible to come back from and your performance will decline quickly.

SEO Marketing Phases
Keywords, 200+ Factor Audit, On-Page SEO And Link-Building/Indexing

In the initial campaign, we immediately tackle your SEO and content promotion, which includes your promotional offer and sharing the offer to increase engagement. After understanding the business, our analytics team will create a comprehensive competitive keyword research list to acquire leads.

  • Title Optimizations
  • Meta Description Optimizations
  • Content Optimizations
  • Tag-based Optimizations
  • CMS Platform-specific Optimizations
  • Site-wide Optimizations
  • Social Account Optimizations
  • Results-oriented Keyword Research
  • Industry-oriented Directory Submissions
  • Submission to Google/Bing/Yahoo
  • Optimized Social Bookmarking
  • Webmaster Tools Optimizations
  • Search Indexing Link-building
  • Browser Compatibility Check
  • URL Canonicalization
  • Page Weight Checking
  • Duplicate Content Checking
  • Search Engine Spider Simulation
  • Keyword Relevancy Modification
  • Restoring Broken Links
  • Image ALT Tag Optimization
  • Site Micro-data
  • Schema For Product Sites
  • Optimize Robots.txt, Sitemaps And More!
Active-Managed Off-Page SEO Campaign, Social Media & On-Page Updates

An On-going Monthly Campaign will improve traffic and rankings. It involves creating different types of content, creative promotional methods, social platform outreach, and a number of ideas that are different each month and customized to each individual client.

  • Intelligent CORE Brain campaign strategy setup
  • Social Account Posting Management
  • Guest Posting or On-Page Blog Posting
  • Press Releases (Paid Inclusions)
  • 3rd Party Reviews
  • Social Media Shares And Submissions
  • Optimized Social Bookmarking
  • Niche Directory Submissions
  • Niche Smart Commenting
  • Local Citation Submissions
  • One-way Commercial Class-C links
  • Diverse number of IP origins
  • Detox and Disavow Analysis and Clean-up
  • Google Algorithm Strategy updates
  • Bing Algorithm Strategy updates
  • On-Page Optimization updates
  • Keyword effectiveness analysis
  • Keyword Swapping/tuning
  • Content/Press Release writing
  • Keyword optimized content production
  • Writing by professional writers and SEO experts
  • Spell check and grammar check each piece
  • Check for content duplication
  • Proof-read for content relevancy
  • Each piece will have at least one link and anchor text for to your site
  • Many more types!
  • Total coverage is dependent on SEO campaign duration. Not every item in Phase 2 is done in only first 30-days, but each campaign will meet minimum counts and resources assigned based on chosen campaign size. SEO strategies may change month-to-month if needed, but all deliveries will be completed as needed in order to improve website rank, increase traffic and remain competitive. 
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