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As some of you already know, we do not mind answering questions, which is why we have a 24/7 support team of real humans. Yet, in the last couple of months we have had several clients ask the same question, I thought it would be a great idea to whip up a few espresso shots and share it with our awesome community of 15,000+ subscribers.

Compiling many variations of the same question into one sentence, it looks something like this:

“How is it, that you offer the same quality and effectiveness as those who repackage the same services for thousands per retainer?”  

The answer is not as simple. I will break it down for you as I did for my clients over the last few months via phone conferences and my Skype meetings.

Sometimes you have to face plant before planting your feet.

It started out as a business with my brother and I, a few freelance jobs and then it grew from there. We charged a couple hundred bucks and drove traffic to our clients’ sites.

We would drive the traffic which would convert into customer sales, with the marketing costs being offset entirely by their increase in monthly revenue. For us it was a hobby, we didn’t think too much into it at the time…until we started to receive feedback.

As we “played around” we ran into more customers and referrals and continued charging 45-55% less than others. Doing what we came to love paid off and now our customers are glad we did! We decided to take the next step and open DIGITTO Media.

So, to answer the question on how do we continue to keep our clients happy with low prices and real results? To see a sample of our results, check out the image below:

Low prices by sacrificing all the unnecessary bells and whistles

As we generated more clients through word of mouth, positive results and good reviews, we took a step back and asked each other “what’s important and what can we go without?”. We knew we wanted to make something more of this and always knew that results were the only thing that mattered. Hell, it’s still the only thing that matters now. Client’s care about results because it is what they pay for.

We decided to keep our costs low, performance and results high and sacrificed fancy overhead and office space upgrades. This allows us to invest in R&D, better systems, proprietary programs and processes. This is how our products and quality services are competitive at prices comparable to overseas firms, without having to roll the dice.

Many risks of outsourcing to strangers

This is your company, not a weekend project. Remember, outsourcing fallout may look like this:

  • A tarnished brand via poor social media management
  • Language barriers that hinder your content marketing campaign
  • Language barriers that hinder your SEO content
  • Incurred penalties through unethical SEO practices
  • Total loss as there’s no enforcement channel for non-delivery of service
  • Services not delivered in full as promised, high error rate and quality
  • Many other barriers relating to proximity, communication and trust

I hope this clears up a few things on how we decide to help companies scale and grow their business with quality marketing services at affordable prices.
Maybe next time you have a big project or need to cut back on expenses you will think of us.

Lead generation systems that work!


Whether your business is local or global with a segmented local niche, one piece you need is ‘real’ Local SEO


Social media and blogs are now the most popular channels for exposure. It’s an art and a science to get the results you need.


We offer On page ready, high quality designs and redesigns!

We do it all and more!

It doesn’t take a PhD to realize there’s been a phasing out of traditional forms of marketing. At one point in time direct ads, direct mail, and cold calling were effective. Now, to remain a leader in any industry, or even to remain relevant, you must build a solid digital marketing platform that starts with ‘real’ SEO. This should be combined with targeted social marketing campaigns and other digital marketing activities as well. Basically, you need a company that can build a digital marketing campaign tailored to your business taking the best of what’s available and that’s exactly what we do! Don’t take our word for it, but do consider our research below:

SEO Direct Ads Direct Mail
Traceable Results Continuously tracked with analytics & reports Difficult to track / Can only track inquiries Difficult to track / Requires coupon or call-in
Type of Leads Customers seeking out your service Limited to type of medium People on a mailing list who might want your service
ROI High Low Low (1% or less)
Ability to Change Message Dynamic & flexible Static advertisement Static advertisement
Marketing strategy Dynamic & flexible Designed one-time and static for 6 to 12 months Designed one-time for each campaign
Customer Support Continuous feedback & reports Set-up only / No follow up Set-up only / No follow up
Coordinates with Other Media Dynamic & flexible Designed one-time and static for 6 to 12 months Designed one-time for each campaign
Can Vary by Promotion Yes Yes, with multiple campaigns
Can Target Multiple Markets Yes Yes, limited scope Yes, requires broader mailing lists
Multiple Tools Yes, Google, Bing, Yahoo, PR, etc. No No
Updates with Business Change Yes No No




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