How to Promote Your Music in the Contemporary Industry  Exclusive Media Partner PROMO PACKAGES FOR ARTISTS

How to Promote Your Music in the Contemporary Industry


How to Successfully Promote Your Music!

Shopping around for an online marketing company is exciting stuff. The company you choose will be your online marketing partner to take your talents to the next level, if you choose the right company. Although you’re eager to get started, be sure you understand what you are purchasing. Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all service, and its easy to squander your entire marketing budget on an artist promo package that has zero value and direction.

There are countless companies who dress go-carts up like Ferrari’s by promising a fixed number of likes and engagements which leave you exactly where you started. Artists get suckered into this marketing trap far too much, simply because they’re not familiar with what makes a successful artist promotion. That’s why we use our services pages as a knowledge base to offer free advice and guidance for artists, opposed to showcasing impractical packages.

With DIGITTO, you receive more than seasoned marketing experts, we provide the full experience, value and 24/7 support. Your campaign will benefit from our outreach capabilities, vast connections, industry contacts, and even exclusive media partners, such as CelebrityAccess. Talent managers, record label’s and other industry professionals refer their talent to our company because they understand the value we deliver for an artists music career. Our campaigns turn your weight into authenticity, rather than just paid actions that bring ephemeral glory. 

How to Promote Your Music in the Contemporary Industry
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How to Promote Your Music in the Contemporary Industry
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How to Promote Your Music in the Contemporary Industry
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We can help you deliver your brand message and monetize your music through advertising and organic marketing solutions. The reason we previous advised to avoid “promo packages” that guarantee fixed likes, streams and other types of engagements is because you end up buying into a program that will not grow organically as the results are forced. Basically, this means people who like, listen and engage are being paid to do so.

If people do not engage or listen to your music on their own then they will not share and tag others because they’re truly not interested and engaging on their own free will. As a result, your music will not grow organically which will be ineffective and increase your marketing spend, opposed to maximizing your budget and increasing your reach. This page will reveal step-by-step plans for creating music promotion plans for indie artists, as well as up-and-coming artists. 

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How to Promote Your Music in the Contemporary Industry
How We Help You Maximize Budget & Reach

Nowadays, marketing may sound easy with access to social advertising at your fingertips. It’s very important to hire a professional marketing team to keep your marketing costs as low as possible, and infusing an overall organic marketing plan into your strategy. If you’re looking to share your music with the world effectively, you’ll need an innovative marketing team.

Digital music promotion strategies and artist promotions should always improve the outcome of a music marketing campaign and we’ll help you reach your goals with our industry experience and vast connections. Unlike the 90% of campaigns that fizzle out and die. 

How to Promote Your Music in the Contemporary Industry

Make Sure You Have A Brand Message And Clear Goals

Often more than not, artists tend to start their marketing initiatives without clear goals or reasoning behind their brand message. Before you begin, think about the message you want to deliver and your audience you are looking to influence. You want to define the music you are trying create or provide reasons why you are taking a genre and evolving it into something new. First, think about the music you create and how you inject your message, then apply it to your marketing strategy. The only way you will add value to your audience is if you are relevant to them. 

What is it about your music that your audience will relate to and how will it motivate them? What is your emotional identity and what is important to you? You want to connect to the same audience and inspire them to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. In addition, you should clearly define your objectives. Using the SMART rule is still an effective way to help you reach your goals. 

Your Goals Should Be:
• Specific
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Relevant
• Time-bound

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Need An Artist Promo Package To Amplify Your Music?

An effective promo package to distribute your new music should be a collection of marketing solutions based on your goals and tailored around your brand message in order to garner the interest of your target audience. If you want to develop an a successful marketing strategy, you’ll need to study marketing psychology, understand analytics and content marketing, and learn how several promotions within a marketing campaign bounce off one another.

If you are serious about making a career out of your music, we can help you toward that goal and eventually monetize from our efforts. Starting your career in marketing should be taken seriously, the same as if you were to start a new business. The end goal is to make a living from your efforts and time, so don’t just wing it. For example, don’t upload your new music video to Facebook and begin pumping your marketing budget into it. You’ll end up with less money than you had, and maybe a few new likes.

Need An Artist Promo Package To Amplify Your Music?

Promo packages for artists and new music releases require more effort compared to your average marketing campaign. Earlier we discussed developing your brand message, but another area you want to cover is artistic product differentiation. Music is a business and just like any business you need to set yourself apart from other artists who compete in the same space as you.

All of this is useful in attracting the attention of your audience and connecting with them afterwards. Whether you are promoting an extended play (EP), a new album release, or any other marketing initiatives, these tips will help you break through the noise. Below we have provided a few ideas on how to get started with your promotional campaign, and in no way is this list exhaustive:

  1. Choose Your Best Music: You have very little time to catch your audiences attention these days. You’ll need to choose a few of your best tracks to promote. We would recommend a music video, but if you don’t have a music video then share a URL to your single that people can use to visit and listen to your music.
  2. Create Social Media Accounts: Be sure you have a presence on social media and even music streaming platforms like Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify. People tend to associate an active social account with artists who is doing well.
  3. Create A Website/Landing Page: Our all-inclusive artist promo campaigns include a landing page at no cost. We include this because its important to have an online asset with your story, social media links and other content such as images, audio files, music videos and even social feeds. You can also track your visitors every move and behavior. By using Analytics tools you have the power to learn about your visitors, fans and learn about what they enjoy most by identifying where on your site they are spending most of their time. An artist website is very important to your promotions and overall music marketing strategy.
  4. Create A Bio For Online Assets: Make sure you create a bio that contains useful details about your brand message and the story behind your music. Make the language simple and don’t make it too long. You can add this to your website, social channels, electronic press kit (EPK) and several other online networks such as streaming platforms.
  5. Electronic Press Kit: You should have a pre-packaged set of promotional materials before any promotions. Included your contact information as well. These are often distributed to announce a release or for a news conference, so be sure to have a marketing team on your side before diving in and launching your EPK.
  6. Mass Press Release: Publish a press release in efforts to get picked up in Google News. If this story is picked up, it can go viral. After we launch press releases, we create specific links in our organic efforts to increase reputability and authority. Primarily we run press releases to get the content out there, and throughout the campaign if the performance calls for it. If news media has an interest in the press release it can drive tons of traffic.

These are only few ideas you can use to help you before your campaign launch.

Create An Artist Account On Music Streaming Platforms

Be sure you setup accounts with streaming platforms like Spotify. Once you create your account be sure to upload your bio, audio files, album covers and your profile image. You will be surprised what you will learn about your listeners and subscribers. You can see which songs get the most hits and the location of your audience. Spotify is one of the largest on-demand music streaming platforms which allows you to upload and share your content to listeners worldwide.

Spotify has 271 million listeners and 124 million subscribers, so its important to have your content uploaded on this platform along with others. We can also help you inject Spotify into your overall marketing campaign to raise your brand awareness and expand your fan base. If you need help promoting your music on Spotify, our experts will help you minimize your ad spend and maximize your reach.   

Focus On Local Audiences First

Be sure you geo-target and focus locally when you launch your first campaign. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or bootstrapped budget. Its far less expensive to promote locally and narrow down your target audience from there. Before you expand your reach, you want to be sure you gather data and touch points on your audiences. If you were born and raised in Atlanta and your music tells a story about struggles in Atlanta, you should be focusing all your promotional efforts on Atlanta. If you take this little piece of advice, you will increase your chances of success dramatically.

By promoting locally, you’re more likely to target people who will relate to your story. It will also help you define your target audience sooner and quickly optimize your campaign in order to maximize your reach and lower your ad spend. We’ve had cases where local venue owners and talent managers reached out to our client asking them to perform at their next event. The overall goal besides getting your music out there is to open more opportunities. If some of these opportunities happen to be paid gigs, you can use it to reinvest in your marketing campaign.

Create Engaging Content That Excites

Music is characterized by producing emotions, releasing tensions, and even evoking memories. So your compositions should attract your target audience. Your content should convey values that match your brand identity. You can also create music videos to connect your fans and win more. You can present a brilliant video with, unfailingly, a high dose of creativity, telling an original and story, with an unexpected beginning and end that equally excites.

Meet Your Future Fan

Now that you are clear about the need for the market you want to capture, you must identify the audience you want to target. These should be people who share similar characteristics. People who tend to listen to your music, attend your concerts, and somehow feel identified with your songs. The idea is to focus on this particular audience to build your marketing communication.

You should investigate your audience: their trends, behaviors and styles, bars and events that concur, the image of other artists of similar genres with which you will identify. Once you are clear about the most appropriate audience, interact with them either by talking to them at events or through social networks. People value personal communication, especially when it comes to creating connections between the audience and the artist.

The key to Lady Gaga’s success is devotion to her followers, in addition to her ability to sell a quirky image. Lady Gaga saw an opportunity in the pop world, which was getting old and boring. She identified an audience that needed a revolutionary and quirky figure, something not yet seen in the pop environment. Lady Gaga focused on a young audience, with leftist thinking that believed in social equality.

Apply The Marketing Mix

To succeed, you must shape the process of creation, distribution, and promotion. You have to identify other variables and how to apply them to your strategy. The marketing mix, also known as the 4 P’s refers to product, price, place, and promotion. It is about putting the right product, in the right place, at the right time and for the right price. The 4 P’s must work in a coordinated way so that they are connected to a central idea. In this way, you will have efficient communication to achieve your goals.

Promote Your Music on Social Networks

Social networks represent a great opportunity for artists. According to November 2019 data, Ariana Grande is the most followed singer on Instagram with 167 million followers. People around the world use these networks to keep abreast of their favorite musical groups and genres. In addition, according to Brand Watch, new songs or videos are released first on social media 99% of the time. So, these platforms allow users to discover new artists. However, you shouldn’t publish and fill the wall of your followers with spam.

There are techniques to publish and achieve public interest. An excellent way is to follow the Rule of Thirds:

• Make ⅓ of your posts promotional items
• Make ⅓ of your posts add value to fans
• Make ⅓ of your posts capture fans’ interests

It is also necessary to create a schedule to publish. The day and time you decide to publish can affect the scope and affinity you can create with your fans. According to the CoSchedule, the best times to publish according to the social network would be:

• Facebook: Thursday to Sunday at 9 AM, 11 AM to 12 PM and 3-4 PM
• Twitter: 8-10 AM and 6-9 PM on weekends (B2C) and weekdays (for B2B)
• Instagram: Friday from 1 PM to 5 PM

Music Streaming Using Multiple Channels

Your campaign should be flawless at launch and your music must be available to your audience in every possible way, especially within the streaming platforms like Amazon, Spotify and Apple Music. This way, with a great strategy, your marketing efforts will bounce off one another and create a larger audience base. Once create an account for Spotify, be sure to upload you album artwork. If you have a great album design you will grab the attention of your audience immediately. Generally, your album cover is the first thing people see before your music is played. We have designers who create engaging album covers if you need help in this area.

Entering the streaming industry is the same as being a part of any social network and it will help you feature your talents with other artists, or be invited to play in local outlets such as radio, local television, bars, festivals and other venue types. All of these ideas will help you with your promotions and marketing plan. We also help artists get published in local and national online news sites within their niche.

Be Innovative With Your Strategy And Use Connections To Go Viral.

In order for everything else to work and your launch as an artist to be a success, you must take actions that surprise. And we are not talking about petty and desperate moves to break the internet. For instance, in March 2018, Singer Ed Sheeran surprised his fans in Melbourne, Australia singing for free on social networks. On the other hand, Maroon 5 surprised several couples on their wedding days, putting together an impromptu concert in the middle of the event. These were used to record their video “Sugar”.

Currently, the audience is exposed to a tsunami of musical content. So being equal to others, you will not get the visibility you need. These types of actions reinforce your brand identity. So the actions must be related to your values so that they have a positive effect. In the case of Ed Sheeran, he demonstrated the humility and charisma that characterize him. And Maroon 5 never ceases to amaze with their charismatic follies.

Track Your Fans At All times

To finalize your music marketing plan, you should always follow up on your fans to create loyalty ties. The best way to contact them is through social networks and via emails. You can make publications where you ask open questions about topics that might interest you and could help you to prepare your next content, tour, concerts, etc.

It’s not just about researching music content. It also borders on getting to know your fans, their tastes, what content they upload to their social networks, and even responding to the private messages you receive. For instance, with the #Notbadlovestory campaign, Justin Timberlake surprised us all. The love story initiative included creating a video with photos and clips of fans. Fans were asked to create allusive sentences to the hashtag with their photos or videos.

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Of course, you can’t do it all. Do you want all or much of these implemented or you want more practical guideposts that can put you on the pedestal of success in today’s revolutionized music industry? Do you need services such as artist branding, promo packages for artists and other entertainment marketing services? Then bring in the pros! Let DIGITTO Media propel you into the galaxy!

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