How to Promote Your Music in the Contemporary Industry


Currently, hitting a stroke of luck is no longer an option in today’s music industry. It has become a fairly competitive market that without a well-thought-out process of personal branding, artist promo package for each project, and other appropriate marketing strategies, your music project won’t succeed.

For the music industry, entertainment marketing is the set of strategies and studies that aim to improve the outcome of a music project. So, applying marketing tools can help you achieve success, unlike 90% of musical projects that fail because they don’t know the strategies. So, let’s talk about some effective digital music promotion strategies.


We will reveal the step-by-step guides for designing music promotion plans for indie and regular artists with a relatively affordable budget. They are plans that can turn your weight into authenticity, rather than just paid actions that bring ephemeral glory. Below we have listed several music marketing strategies you can work on:

Make Sure You Have a Clear Vision of Your Brand

Sometimes, you intend to do something without being clear about the reasons, your passion and how this would influence or define the type of music you want to create, the product you want to launch, and the vision of the brand you want to project.

The first step to applying your marketing strategy is to identify your vision. You must focus on adding value to the environment, with the intention of being relevant to others. Your vision should be reflected in your audience so that they feel motivated. You should be part of their emotional identity and inspire them to fulfill their dreams. In addition to the vision, you must correctly define your objectives, these are keys to reach the goal. The best-known way to define your goals is to use the SMART rule.


• Specific
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Relevant
• Time-bound

Prepare an Artist Promo Package for Each Project

In entertainment marketing, a promo package is the collection of several media contents and products created to garner the interest of target audiences towards an entertainment project that an artist, a band, a label or a media company is promoting.

Let’s digress a bit.

A typical example of promo package materials are posters. Recently, we heard Marvel’s hit Black Panther made over a billion bucks at the Box Office. But without doubts, its series of posters, which you could see in every traditional view centers such as cinemas and the digital media, such as in ads, reviews, et al, contributed to the success of the movie project.


Now, promo packages for artists require more care and effort. But it can be your artistic product differentiation, setting you way apart from other competing artists and bands. It can be useful in situations where you need to attract the attention of record labels, the press (print, radio and TV stations), of people towards your proposed concert, or the launch of your new single, extended play (EP) or album. The list is in no way exhaustive. Below are short steps to creating a promo campaign for your new project:

  • Choose your best music: Since no one can sit down to listen to your works one after the other, why not just pick your best three songs and burn them into a demo CD to grab the listener’s attention?
  • You’d need a bio too: It has to contain useful details about your brand and your music. And make it short and the language simple. You’re not seeking a professorship!
  • How about a press release? Are you thinking of promoting your new album, catching a label’s attention, or what have you? Then you’d need a professional press release. Journalistic rules should come to play here. Don’t forget the 5Ws in your introductory paragraphs and the rules that apply for your bio!
  • Of course, you need a photo: You’d need soft and hard copies of your professionally-shot colored photos, provided you’d be sending your promo packages to media houses. Don’t let them ask for the photo credits. Provide them ahead.
  • Your contact information: An artist’s promo package is like the CV of any job seeker. So, adding your contact details (phone, email and social network contacts) is a no-brainer!
  • Add your press clippings: Don’t forget to attach your press clippings in the promo package. These include press materials such as features, interviews, and reviews.

Identify Opportunities

Once the brand vision and your objectives have been defined, you must analyze the current market to ensure that your vision applies to a real need and represents a good opportunity.

You can apply the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis by developing a scheme in which you have what you want to achieve as a central point and, in four basic axes, the factors that surround it to identify it.

The main idea is to analyze needs and opportunities where your strengths and abilities can take action, always taking into account the weaknesses and threats that can put your success at risk. For example, the music industry in 1998 identified an opportunity with Britney Spears.

The young audience needed an artist to identify with – a rebellious personality, a fashion icon with the stereotype of beauties according to the demands of the time. It was something similar to what Madonna was but she adjusted to the jovial public.

Create Content That Excites

Music is characterized by producing emotions, releasing tensions, relaxing or evoking memories. So your compositions should excite the audience. They must convey values that match your brand identity, as well as the tastes and preferences of the target audience.

With this, you’d be an icon in the radios, and be a trend in social networks. However, a piece of music that does not thrill does not connect with people. And it will go unnoticed among all the musical offers available.

You can also create music videos to connect your fans and win more. You can present a brilliant video with, unfailingly, a high dose of creativity, telling an original and unexpected story, with an unexpected beginning and end that equally excites.

Meet Your Future Fan

Now that you are clear about the need for the market you want to capture, you must identify the audience you want to target. These should be people who share similar characteristics. People who tend to listen to your music, attend your concerts, and somehow feel identified with your songs.
The idea is to focus on this particular audience to build your marketing communication. You should investigate your audience: their trends, behaviors and styles, bars and events that concur, the image of other artists of similar genres with which you will identify.

Once you are clear about the most appropriate audience, interact with them either by talking to them at events or through social networks. People value personal communication, especially when it comes to creating connections between the audience and the artist.

The key to Lady Gaga’s success is devotion to her followers, in addition to her ability to sell a quirky image. Lady Gaga saw an opportunity in the pop world, which was getting old and boring. She identified an audience that needed a revolutionary and quirky figure, something not yet seen in the pop environment. Lady Gaga focused on a young audience, with leftist thinking that believed in social equality.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Voltaire said: “Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others?” This phrase until today is applied in all labor sectors.

To have a concept of this strategy, we could, in today’s world, call it “benchmarking.” Basically, it consists of taking reference to the best and adapting their methods, their strategies.

Apply the Marketing Mix

To succeed, you must shape the process of creation, distribution, and promotion.
You have to identify other variables and how to apply them to your strategy. The marketing mix, also known as the 4 P’s refers to product, price, place, and promotion.

It is about putting the right product, in the right place, at the right time and for the right price. The 4 P’s must work in a coordinated way so that they are connected to a central idea. In this way, you will have efficient communication to achieve your goals.

Promote Your Music on Social Networks

Social networks represent a great opportunity for artists. According to November 2019 data, Ariana Grande is the most followed singer on Instagram with 167 million followers.

People around the world use these networks to keep abreast of their favorite musical groups and genres.

In addition, according to Brand Watch, new songs or videos are released first on social media 99% of the time. So, these platforms allow users to discover new artists. However, you shouldn’t publish and fill the wall of your followers with spam.

There are techniques to publish and achieve public interest. An excellent way is to follow the Rule of Thirds:

• Make ⅓ of your posts promotional items
• Make ⅓ of your posts add value to fans
• Make ⅓ of your posts capture fans’ interests

It is also necessary to create a schedule to publish. The day and time you decide to publish can affect the scope and affinity you can create with your fans. According to the CoSchedule, the best times to publish according to the social network would be:

• Facebook: Thursday to Sunday at 9 AM, 11 AM to 12 PM and 3-4 PM
• Twitter: 8-10 AM and 6-9 PM on weekends (B2C) and weekdays (for B2B)
• Instagram: Friday from 1 PM to 5 PM

Get Streaming Reproductions

If your launching is accompanied by a good promotional campaign, your music must be available to the user in every possible way, especially within the streaming platforms. In this way, you will make your group of audiences grow.
Currently, Spotify reaches 170 million users and 96 million subscribers worldwide. In this medium, to achieve reproductions, it is important that your album’s artwork grabs attention since it is the first thing that is seen even before your music is played.

You may also aim to be part of the most prominent playlists in your country. To be added, you must create alliances with the most influential DJs or bars which normally have a large number of followers.

Entering the streaming industry is being part of a social network that can help you feature with other artists or be invited to play in bars in your city, festivals, on the radio, appear on TV and even in the written press.

Once all these have been achieved, you have successfully implemented your promotion plan.

Try To Take Surprising Actions That Can Make You Go Viral

In order for everything else to work and your launch as an artist to be a success, you must take actions that surprise. And we are not talking about petty and desperate moves to break the internet.

For instance, in March 2018, Singer Ed Sheeran surprised his fans in Melbourne, Australia singing for free on social networks. On the other hand, Maroon 5 surprised several couples on their wedding days, putting together an impromptu concert in the middle of the event. These were used to record their video “Sugar”.

Currently, the audience is exposed to a tsunami of musical content. So being equal to others, you will not get the visibility you need. These types of actions reinforce your brand identity. So the actions must be related to your values so that they have a positive effect.

In the case of Ed Sheeran, he demonstrated the humility and charisma that characterize him. And Maroon 5 never ceases to amaze with their charismatic follies.

Track Your Fans

To finalize your music marketing plan, you should always follow up on your fans to create loyalty ties. The best way to contact them is through social networks and via emails.

You can make publications where you ask open questions about topics that might interest you and could help you to prepare your next content, tour, concerts, etc.
It’s not just about researching music content. It also borders on getting to know your fans, their tastes, what content they upload to their social networks, and even responding to the private messages you receive.

For instance, with the #Notbadlovestory campaign, Justin Timberlake surprised us all. The love story initiative included creating a video with photos and clips of fans. Fans were asked to create allusive sentences to the hashtag with their photos or videos.

Finally, Let the Pros Help You

Of course, you can’t do it all. Do you want all or much of these implemented or you want more practical guideposts that can put you on the pedestal of success in today’s revolutionized music industry?

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