Increasing Artist Exposure with an Effective Online PR Company  ONLINE PR COMPANY Exclusive Media Partner

Increasing Artist Exposure with an Effective Online PR Company


Increasing Artist Exposure with an Effective Online PR Company

In this digital age, marketing for artists has adapted to new technologies and strategies. Competition is tougher as independent artists take advantage of the various media platforms available and rise to popularity. With all the competition, artists need to keep increasing their opportunities for exposure. Getting an effective online PR company’s service will help increase this exposure.

With the services of an effective online PR company, the artist can focus on their music while the company focuses on working on promoting the artist. The artist can work on improving their skills and talents and the company keeps grooming the artist’s image to the public eye – from the artist’s look, the website, the social media accounts, even booking the gigs, preparing the interviews with magazines, TV shows, and the likes.

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An effective online PR company will not stick to traditional media – TV, radio, and newsprint – in promoting their stable of artists. The best PR company will utilize both traditional and digital media in increasing their talent exposure. The best of the best believe that harnessing the power of digital media will boost their artist’s popularity by leaps and bounds compared to using traditional media in itself. They know and understand that the digital age is a tool to be used to reach more people and gain more fans and followers.

As an artist, you understand the value and importance of growing your fan base and increasing your exposure. However, this task can often be tedious and can hamper your creativity and passion for your craft. The time it takes to build a website can be used to add in a riff to the new song you are writing, or to improve the lyrics on a song. The energy you used in worrying about how people will hear your music can be used instead to practice that new choreography that will go perfectly well with the new song you recorded. What better way to preserve your energy and channel your creativity by teaming up with an effective online PR company! Let them work on how you can build up your image online and how to get more people to give an ear to your music, while you work on making beautiful music and performing as wonderfully as you can every single time.

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Increasing Artist Exposure with an Effective Online PR Company

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Increasing Artist Exposure with an Effective Online PR Company
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Increasing Artist Exposure with an Effective Online PR Company
The independent voice for live entertainment professionals! Helping artists become A-list talent!

DIGITTOACCESS was born through the exclusive partnership between DIGITTO and CelebrityAccess, the world’s largest resource and database for entertainment professionals. Together, we deliver unbeatable value through our entertainment industry experience, proven marketing strategies and connections in the live music industry.

Our relationships and resources extend far beyond online media partners. We have direct connections with high authority publication websites and direct access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive contact database in the live entertainment industry. Our goal is to be the independent voice for live entertainment professionals and help artists become successful, whether it’s monetizing online or becoming a part of the A-list! 

5 Reasons Why DIGITTOACCESS Brings Artists PR Success

Let’s face it, even the biggest and brightest and most famous stars need a successful PR company. Some use it to create an image, while some used PR services to clean up their images. Whatever the reasons, all artists and stars need a PR company – and a good one at that. With the numerous PR companies all over the world, which one will you choose? DIGITTOACCESS is one company that may be a fledgling compared to veterans, but here are the reasons why you should go for them:

1. Trendy

DIGITTOACCESS keeps up with the times. Because they are a fresh face in the industry, their ideas are also fresh but effective because they know what’s in and what’s out. They can tell the pulse of this generation because they are one of them. They know what is hip and trendy and use this to the client’s advantage. While traditional strategies and campaigns still work and are still usable, DIGITTOACCESS mixes both the modern and the traditional to make sure all audience levels are covered, ensuring that the clients get media exposure across generations.

2. Authenticity

In this digital age where numbers are easily faked and fan base can be fabricated, DIGITTOACCESS understands the importance of using authentic data for successful public relations. They believe that while using fake numbers and fan bases is the quick road to popularity, this is often the unsuccessful route. DIGITTOACCESS values hard work and knows that this pays off as they continue to build an artist’s success through public relations.

3. Affordability

let’s be honest, PR companies cost big bucks, and marketing campaigns and strategy packages cost even higher. Not everyone can afford to pay for expensive services, but DIGITTOACCESS provides high-quality PR campaigns without breaking the bank or burning holes through your pockets. They believe that helping struggling artists find success will also be their success as a company.

Increasing Artist Exposure with an Effective Online PR Company

4. Connections

with the birth of DIGITTOACCESS came the connections that CelebrityAccess had in its vast network. Clients have access to website owners and developers, media partners, news outlets and publishers, and a host of social media influencers. With such connections, clients will never run out of opportunities to gain success via public relations.

5. Expertise

if CelebrityAccess is the mother, then DIGITTO Media is the daddy, and this daddy is an expert in all things concerning digital media marketing. With over 10 years of experience in providing campaigns and strategies for businessmen, imagine the expertise combined with the connections, and you have endless possibilities for success as an artist. DIGITTOACCESS is sure to provide you an avenue to succeed, whether online or in the traditional field.

With such advantages, why else would you not choose to have them as your PR company? Whatever the image or brand you want to put as an artist, DIGITTOACCESS is ready to take on the challenge and help you be the shining star you are meant to be. Let DIGITTOACCESS be part of your team as you travel your way to success as an artist.

Starting Up As a Featured Artist

The first impression, they say, matters a lot and people would undoubtedly know you for a trademark. The bitter truth though is most persons venturing into music start off collaborating with top-notch artists rather than making a stance for themselves. This nonetheless will make you popular and take you far, but just for a while. It is imperative that you not allow it to get into your head as some have in the past.

Unruly or Unsavory Behavior

While being a musician could mean you get away with a number of social vices, there are times when artists go too far. It could be something as spontaneous as an offensive statement on camera to something as reoccurring as being a difficult person to work with. Whichever way it goes, an artist’s career can end as a result of bad behavior.

Upcoming Artists Overly Depend On Big Studios

Big studios do not equate to good music. Surprisingly, not all top artists had the privilege of making sounds in well equipped studious; nonetheless, they turned out fine and are presently making waves around the world. However, if you are a dreamer and your dream is to produce music in big studios, the dream is fine, if not superb. It is okay to dream big but don’t be overly dependent on it. As an artist, the major issue of concern should be the producer of your supposed songs, lyrics, gadgets and other software to make good music.

Many Artists Excessively Show Off Their Wealth

It has become a signature for most entertainers to showcase their wealth to all who care to look. This can be pretty cool, especially for the younger demographic. Wealth is not show-biz, however. It only helps to polish your career or pursuit and in this regard, your pursuit is music. If you happen to be struggling to keep up the wealthy appearance, it may be best to tone down the extravagance a bit and focus your money on growing your music career, especially if you are an indie artist.

New Artists Overly Imitate Ready-Made Musicians

There is no harm in copying, admiring and wanting to be like an A-list artist. It shows you have the thirst to grow and you have a mentor in the music industry. In as much as you long for this, there is a line you should not cross and it is called “imitation.” You have to be unique and dynamic in your way. Never dim your light by copying others in the industry because it may turn out to be the easiest route to your failure.

Increasing Artist Exposure with an Effective Online PR Company


Mergers and marriages happen almost every day. Some go on to become successful, while some end up in painful breakups. However, there are gems of mergers that are truly meant to be and give birth to awesome babies. Such is the destiny of DIGITTO Media and CelebrityAccess – a merger made in heaven and birthing the wonderful DIGITTOACCESS, a PR company that is solely focused on the entertainment industry.

Public relations companies are a dime a dozen nowadays, but most of them are focused only on the artist. DIGITTOACCESS aims to change the industry by also providing services to other professionals in the entertainment industry – whether you are a producer, a musician, a sound engineer, a choreographer, DIGITTOACCESS is more than ready to take on the job as your PR company.

Whether through traditional or digital media, DIGITTOACCESS can assist you in working for that upcoming single that you wish to release, or that new video of your new choreography that is ripe for the audience. From the planning stage to the execution, DIGITTOACCESS taps into its wide network of connections in the industry to ensure that you, the artist, get the attention you deserve. But it doesn’t end there – the PR team works even after the event to make sure that your brand is still very much a hot topic.

DIGITTOACCESS delivers valuable service that stemmed from years of experience in the live music industry – they know what to do and when to do it. Combined with media partners, web developers and owners, news publishers, and influencers, this PR company is sure to provide a unique level of expertise in all things about the entertainment industry. Because of their experience, they make sure they have all bases covered – before, during, and after a special event.

With DIGITTOACCESS, not only are you able to build your brand as an artist, but you also get to earn profits while you’re doing so. Some PR companies just want to make money off of their clients, but DIGITTOACCESS makes sure you earn your fair share as an artist.

CelebrityAccess and DIGITTO Media’s brainchild aims to be the best independent voice in the marketing world for the entertainment industry. They understand that the digital world is a vehicle that keeps going, and they jumped on this train to take advantage of it by utilizing all tools accessible to ensure that talented artists get noticed even if they live halfway across the planet. DIGITTOACCESS helps not just the artist, but other entertainment companies as well in their journey to success. Because they are not tied down to bigger media companies, DIGITTOACCESS can be non-exclusive and can work their way through various media partners, both online and traditional, in promoting their pool of artists and talents. They aim to be a unique PR company that promotes not only artists, but almost everyone in the entertainment industry can avail of their services in public relations.

DIGITTOACCESS is well-equipped and poised to become one of the best PR companies in the digital world. Take a peek and experience for yourself the expertise that they can offer.

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Increasing Artist Exposure with an Effective Online PR Company
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Let your PR company work through the rigors of building a website and managing all social media accounts while occasionally dipping your hand into the areas where you are needed – interacting with fans during live performances online, responding to fan comments, or posting the little things that matter to you and your fans. Leave all the worries to your PR company as they work on getting gigs, or finding the next hip spot to perform, or what is the best photo to post on your social media accounts, or whether that new song is worthy of a Facebook live performance.

The best online PR company knows how far the internet can reach and will even work on engaging new listeners even from halfway around the world – more listeners, more appreciation, more fans. Since digital media is global, a 3:00 am jam in your local country can be a daytime delight for someone in another country, and the best PR company will know how to take advantage of this. They can cook up strategies on how to reach listeners from across continents while not forgetting your next-door neighbor who might not appreciate a 3:00 am jam, but can easily watch this in the morning through a streaming service set up by your PR team.

Your PR team can work their magic about how to turn your Facebook status entry into a gold mine by turning it into a blog post that can reach across continents and be seen by millions of people who would suddenly take notice of you and become your new followers. With the wonders of social media at their fingertips, a single person with time to spare or burn – depending on how busy they are – who gets his interest piqued can spend minutes digging through your social media account, playing your video, then suddenly finds its been hours since he started because he’s already gone through almost all the videos in your page/pages. He then becomes curious and then follows your page and looks for content daily. While it can be quite rigorous as an artist to keep your social media accounts updated, your PR team can work their magic so you don’t run out of ideas on what to post and when to post. They can turn even a simple photo into a point of discussion, and boom! You’re suddenly one of the trending topics and more people are suddenly interested and viewing your social media pages.

So while it is vital to keep your social media accounts alive, let your PR company work on building the image that you want – are you the goody-goody type? Or are you the rebel-without-a-cause type? Either way, publicity is publicity and your exposure will continue to grow – let your PR team handle this and channel your energies into being the artist that you want to be, have always dreamed of being, and are meant to be.

So with the tough competition, how can you make sure you stay in the competition and outlast other artists fighting for their piece of popularity? Musical genius alone is not enough, and even though you are equipped with the best talents, with the best literary inspirations, this is just half the battle.

With DIGITTOAccess, you already won half the battle in the tough competition for artist exposure, popularity, and fan base. They do the public relations for you and you focus on becoming the best version of yourself, producing the best songs, writing the most heartfelt lyrics, and even inspiring other artists to push on and be determined to get their music out into the world, be heard, be appreciated, and be the next big star.

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