AI SEO: It's SEO 2.0!

Experience the Power of AI and Secure Your Business with Our Cost-Effective, Simple Solution. Our Results-Oriented Technology Offers Maximum Protection Against AI Detection While Guaranteeing Growth for Local or National Businesses.


A New Level of AI SEO

Discover AI SEO 2.0: the cutting-edge technology that provides smarter, faster and more accurate search engine optimization results than ever before. With real-time monitoring capabilities, get ready to take control of your digital marketing campaign and see tangible results in no time!

AI SEO Campaigns include a Free Subscription to DIGITTO Autopilot, our cutting-edge automation platform that gives you all the essential marketing tools you need to grow your business with SEO.

Own a marketing agency and need a reliable White Label SEO provider to deliver results and improve client retention?

AI SEO is the Future of Search Engine Marketing

Our experienced professionals have been in marketing for years, helping businesses to unlock their full potential and get maximum return on investments. Leverage our expertise and benefit from an SEO optimized for today’s rapidly changing environment. Get ready for what comes next!

AI-Series SEO Campaigns
AI-Series SEO Campaigns
Marketing Strategies For Your Online Business Expansion.
Not available publicly yet, DIGITTO’s SEO GPT 2 is the next generation of our SEO GPT, capable of writing content pieces that rival the best human content writers, with Dynamic Topic Relations and Deep Learning, SEO GPT 2 is a capable writer with human-like characteristics.
  • Unique content that is specific to the page and will be keyword optimized.
  • All content gets reviewed by a real person.
  • Content will not be detected as AI-written content,
AI Deep Analytics and Audit

DIGITTO Media’s CORE AI utilizes cutting-edge deep learning technology to keep your SEO up-to-date in real-time. Our advanced system actively creates strategies and monitors Google algorithms and rankings for you so that you can view the latest analysis on your dashboard at any moment – all with a single patent pending solution.

AI-Series SEO Campaigns
AI-Series SEO Campaigns
Ready For Google BARD and Bing with ChatGPT
Upgrade your SEO with DIGITTO’s AI-driven ChatGPT and BARD to stay ahead of the competition. Get real time monitoring, optimal performance optimization and an edge in ranking on new searches at all times! With us by your side, you’ll be ready for any search opportunities that come up before anyone else has a chance.

  • BARD is the name of the new AI chatbot by Google.
  • The new AI-powered Bing is based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
Free Automation!

DIGITTO Autopilot is our all-in-one customer relations management and marketing automation software that offers a full suite of tools designed to automate your business operations, streamline workflows, and generate more leads. 

When expanding your online business, it’s common to be spread across multiple services trying to acquire all the necessary tools for a successful CRM, sales and marketing system. Paying for several softwares can get expensive, clunky and super confusing. We addresses this challenge by providing a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.

AI-Series SEO Campaigns
All-Inclusive SEO Marketing Packages

Where else will you find this much value in one competitively priced package? 

Are you looking to maximize your organic search rankings? Our AI-SERIES SEO services utilize the latest CORE AI and GPT 2 technologies, tailored to suit any local or nationwide campaign. Benefit from professionally written content that surpasses all plagiarism issues – with guaranteed results!


  • Local or National SEO
  • CORE AI Dashboard
  • Automation Platform
  • 10 Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimize 10 Pages
  • AI-Written 2000 words
  • SEO GPT 2
  • Guaranteed No AI-detection or plagiarism
  • Human Reviewed
  • 2 On-Site Blog Posts
  • 2 Off-Site Blog Posts
  • 100 High Quality Links (DA35-DA90)
  • Monthy AI Report


  • Local or National SEO
  • CORE AI Dashboard
  • Automation Platform
  • ✰ 15 Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimize 15 Pages
  • AI-Written 3000 words
  • SEO GPT 2 Deep Learning
  • Guaranteed No AI-detection or plagiarism
  • Human Reviewed
  • 3 On-Site Blog Posts
  • 3 Off-Site Blog Posts
  • 150 High Quality Links (DA35-DA90)
  • Monthy AI Report


  • Local or National SEO
  • CORE AI Dashboard
  • Automation Platform
  • 20 Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimize 20 Pages
  • AI-Written 4000 words
  • SEO GPT 2 Deep Learning 
  • Guaranteed No AI-detection or plagiarism
  • Human Reviewed
  • 4 On-Site Blog Posts
  • 4 Off-Site Blog Posts
  • 200 High Quality Links (DA35-DA90)
  • Monthy AI Report
The campaign price you see is the price you pay — No hidden charges.
A Reliable Marketing Partner

Our decades of combined experience, resources, and cutting-edge AI technology will help amplify your business online. We will help you become a knowledge base and leader in your industry. At DIGITTO, we’re more than a marketing partner, we become an extension of your team! Not sure how to go about creating good content marketing material? Our content marketers can work alongside you to develop the best strategy for moving forward.

AI-Series SEO Campaigns
AI-Series SEO Campaigns

Enjoy exclusive access to our proprietary CORE Brain SEO Dashboard!

How Can Our All-Inclusive SEO Marketing Packages & Proprietary SEO Technology Help Your Business?

DIGITTO Media’s TRI-fold campaigns (SEO + Content Marketing + Social Media Management), CORE Dashboard and CORE AI technology will provide you with a super-effective campaign – Designed to maximize your results and ROI!

  • Our AI technology works to enhance every aspect of your SEO and/or PPC campaign. Our CORE combines artificial intelligence and large data to provide further insight, and proactively checks into our marketing strategies. Our team and systems will provide you the most ROI for your investment, and protect your investment over time.
  • Let us lower your advertising costs today! We invest annual budgets into our in-house analytics software, R&D, SEO pilot campaigns, and top-tier SEO tools utilized by the best in our industry. We work around the clock to improve your online business success to reach your campaign goals and expectations.
  • Our SEO packages are designed to rank your business higher in search engines and provide long-term ROI. We work closely with your team to understand your unique businesses challenges & objectives. Better yet, our experts have a profound knowledge and an in-depth understanding of marketing psychology, online buying behaviors and search intent. This is extremely valuable, and will be a large piece in the success of your online business!
All Packages Include:
  • CRM, Sales & Automation Platform
  • Enhanced SEO w/ Proprietary Technology
  • Content Marketing Promotions (SEO boost)
  • Social Media Posts/Social SEO (SEO boost)
  • Social Account Optimization (SEO boost)
  • No Setup Fees or Long-Term Contracts!
  • Cloudflare Setup For Optimal Performance
  • Deep Site Analysis & Effective Strategies
  • Upfront Strategies, Planning, Research
  • Active-Managed Campaign & Project Board
  • 24/7 Project Support & Initial Consulting
  • Experience, SEO Testing & Know-How
  • Eye In the Sky (E.I.T.S) SEO Monitoring System
  • Manual Link-Building (No Artificial Links)
  • On-Site SEO Updates As Needed
  • Vast Connections w/ 100,000+ Online Sources
  • Media & Publishing Company Partnerships
AI-Series SEO Campaigns
AI-Series SEO Campaigns
Launch Your Marketing Campaign Now!

Let’s discuss your goals and online business expansion plans!

100% Transparency and Long-Lasting Relationships!

At DIGITTO, you don’t pay to get ignored. No one likes lousy customer service, which is commonly found in cheap SEO marketing services. Cheap SEO makes it impossible to get your questions answered, discuss marketing strategies, and even obtain a performance report. Our SEO is affordable, and we assign dedicated account managers to your project!

Marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all service, so it’s important to hire a company that provides affordable pricing with a ton of value. Don’t get stuck with a Google penalty because you purchased cheap SEO services. Your ranks and traffic will decline quickly and it can be expensive to correct!

Frequently Asked Questions
We accept businesses from all industries, local and nationwide, with the exception of adult websites. Businesses must abide by all applicable laws and regulations.
Our team will begin the project right away once your order is processed. You may use our forms to contact us first, or place an order to get setup immediately. Either way, we will reach out to you.
Yes, you can add or remove keywords at any time. However, we recommend at least 3 months for the results before considering keyword swapping.
We can develop a new user-friendly and fully responsive website for you, or even re-design your existing website. We have a fully staffed development team with over a decade of experience. We would be happy to send samples of our recent or previous work. Website services are discounted with the purchase of an SEO campaign.
Yes, as long as you already have a website you may place a campaign order on this page. After the order the is processed a window will appear with a link to our digital on-boarding form. While you complete and submit our on-boarding form on our site, our team will create a project board. You will receive an email invite to join us on the board. The email invite will come from Freedcamp, which is the platform we use for project management and campaign support. 
Yes, please discuss with your account manager on any change requests to your campaign. It is simple to upgrade or downgrade your campaign at the beginning of every monthly cycle, or you may submit the request via your project board prior to your next monthly marketing cycle. We make our campaign transitions seamless.
Add further reinforcement to you marketing packages and accelerate your leads with a PPC campaign (pay-per-click). Our paid-advertising plans (PPC) are active-managed campaigns to bring instant traffic to your business. PPC management rates are reduced if you are running an active SEO campaign with us. For more information, please visit our paid-advertising services page. 
Choose a campaign within your budget, and based on the amount of keywords you would like to rank. The more keywords you rank, the more traffic to your website. The people visiting your website will be those who are actively seeking your products and/or services.
We recommend at least a 3 to 6 month campaign in order to see results. Generally, 3 months for visible results and 6 months for more significant results. You may also continue or upgrade your campaign if you are liking your results!
You may visit our contact page, or we have forms on this page that will allow you to contact us or process a campaign order to get started immediately. Either option you choose, we will be sure to get in touch with you and discuss your goals further. During the campaign you will have access to a project board, dedicated account manager, and 24/7 support team. In short, you will have your own digital desk and our marketing team will be an extension of your business. Communication is important for our clients, as well as our team. 
We have been a marketing service provider for over a decade, and considered one of the top OEM SEO Companies. We have helped a vast number of businesses rank higher for their niche, and we provide excellent 24/7 customer support. For real ROI and long term results, we are among the top service providers while delivering our services at the most affordable rates. We have created a solid infrastructure and streamlined process to support our business model. 
Attention to detail makes a world of difference between success and penalty. Our work is completed manually, and with intelligent analysis. We don’t use software to automate either. Additionally, because all of our content promotions we write are original and not spun, this requires a higher-cost to bring you the highest quality possible for your campaign.
Yes, as long as the content is in English.
Our company builds proprietary analytics software for our team internally, as well as utilize all major analytics software including but not limited to, SEMrush, MOZ, and Ahref. We don’t use software to build links, so you don’t have to worry about artificial links penalizing your site. This is commonly found with cheap SEO services or SEO services purchased overseas.
Yes, our campaign plans will work for new websites. We will adjust strategies for new sites. If you are currently running an active SEO campaign and you’re not happy with your current provider, we will help you transfer your campaign seamlessly and successfully. 
Yes, you will receive a full link diary report showing all links that were placed, with ranking report of your keywords and exclusive access to your very own CORE Brain SEO Dashboard. All of your reports and documentation are systematically uploaded to your dashboard where you may also view further insights into your campaign.
This depends on many factors such as: Where you are currently ranked in search engines, competition associated with your keyword choices, budget, etc. Our team will help you through the keyword process so you we head in the best direction. 
The turn-around time is 3 to 6 months for results. Some results may appear within 30-days, but do note that SEO is a long-term solution. We also provide superior PPC Ad Management services which will provide your site instant traffic, and further insight on keywords that are converting to accelerate traffic to your site while the SEO campaign matures.
Yes, all of our links are high quality links and built manually. We only offer white hat SEO services, meaning everything we do is ethical. We do not build artificial links. 
Yes, great question. Our AI technology allows us to track anchor text and we have over 10 anchor types that we can utilize for the campaigns.
No, all URLs must be for the same website.
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