Everything You Need To Know About Music And Artist Promotion  ARTIST AND MUSIC PROMOTION SERVICES Exclusive Media Partner

Everything You Need To Know About Music And Artist Promotion


Everything You Need To Know About Music And Artist Promotion

Music is an art. To many, it is as vital as the air we breath. The same can be said about music marketing strategies for artists. Our marketing solutions are created for new and up-and-coming artist looking to take their music career to the next level. The best way to make the transition from up-and-coming to A-list is through our one-of-a-kind artist promotion services.

If you’re an established A-list artist wanting to maintain your image or work on a new marketing initiative, we’ve got you covered too. Together, we will create your brand message and bring it to life – Or we can help you work on you existing one! If you have an entourage or street team (big or small), they can join us too! Our 24/7 support team will be more than happy to add anyone to your project board.

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What's So Special About Us?

With over a decade of industry experience and working with some of the biggest labels in history, we understand the importance of creating a strong foundation and an actionable game-plan. DIGITTO is not your ordinary music marketing company, we become your partner! We manage campaigns for producers, directors, staging companies, record labels, and even acclaimed talent managers whom are responsible for mainstream artists we hear today!

Our partnership with CelebrityAccess will provide more value to your campaign and increase your outreach capabilities, this is only one partner. We have thousands of online relationships and media partners to help you break through the noise! Choose us as your marketing arm and we will provide you direction and help you monetize through social channels, merch and more! Contact us today to learn how we can help! 

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Everything You Need To Know About Music And Artist Promotion
The independent voice for live entertainment professionals! Helping artists become A-list talent!

DIGITTOACCESS was born through the exclusive partnership between DIGITTO and CelebrityAccess, the world’s largest resource and database for entertainment professionals. Together, we deliver unbeatable value through our entertainment industry experience, proven marketing strategies and connections in the live music industry.

Our relationships and resources extend far beyond online media partners. We have direct connections with high authority publication websites and direct access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive contact database in the live entertainment industry. Our goal is to be the independent voice for live entertainment professionals and help artists become successful, whether it’s monetizing online or becoming a part of the A-list! 

Why Start A Music And Artist Promotion With DIGITTO Media?

Online music marketing and album distribution has evolved over the years and promoting it to your audience requires strategy and a compelling brand message! We’ve partnered with CelebrityAccess for this very reason, and together we have formed DIGITTOACCESS. We know how to effectively promote your music to the world!

Experience & Organic Marketing

Our entertainment experts and artist promotion specialists cover all aspects of your marketing campaign and provides guidance on how to generate revenue as we build your fan base. Developing marketing campaigns is what we do best and we’ve been at it for over a decade. We’re always running new pilot campaigns and creating innovative digital marketing strategies to help artists break through the noise. As a result, we have spent years orchestrating a medium of affordable solutions that are effective and solve the many problems artists face today in the live entertainment industry.

They Have No Medium for Promotion

Some songs naturally captivate the audience with zero to less work from your end. It doesn’t need promotion of any sort; you just have to sit and watch it make money for you. You have to sell it out to the general public before it can gain ground. No matter how nice a song is, if the audience is unavailable, it becomes useless. The challenge most artists; especially the upcoming artists face is their inability to properly promote their work. This is quite unfortunate as technology has provided the means to reach millions of people with a single touch of a button.

Why You Should Promote With Us! :
We have massive feedback from clients all over the world and our popularity has increased over the years.
We are known for maximizing time while of course creating productivity.
We pay attention to cost and avoid wastage; as we have a way of balancing it while giving you the maximum online marketing satisfaction.
We have a top-notch team that is trained to optimize better search engines result in pages for users.
DIGITTO Media has a unique organic strategy that helps artists achieve mind-blowing results.
Everything You Need To Know About Music And Artist Promotion

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Everything You Need To Know About Music And Artist Promotion

Why Artists Experience Setbacks in the Music Industry?

Music was always meant to be an uplifting tool. There are so many benefits that come with listening to and making good music. We make it easier for artists to make a name for themselves and provide guidance along the way. Let’s discuss a few reasons why artists have problems breaking through the noise.

Unsigned Artist Promotion Services

Are you an unsigned independent artist looking to promote your music without relying on the juggernauts of the entertainment industry? The internet offers endless possibilities without needing to be signed on with large record label companies. The popular belief is that unsigned artists can’t make it in the same market as signed artists, but we know how to successful promote your talent and voice so you can scale and monetize online. Going mainstream can be a benefit and end result of our online music marketing and promotion strategies.

We understand that financial backing is helpful in order to promote your music to the masses and build an artists music career. Today, talented artists looking to amplify their brand online should consider and investor. We run several campaigns for artist-investor relationships day in and day out. There are countless ways to monetize your music online and investors understand this. They use our services because we have the experience to get your there. There is endless potential to make money online as a musician and you dont need to perform at the Superbowl’s  or get booked at the Madison Square Garden to do so. As an unsigned artist, you have the opportunity to seek financial backing from investors who are looking for talented artists just like you!

Everything You Need To Know About Music And Artist Promotion
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The Urge To Hastily Produce Hit Songs

We know the thirst and hunger for success, we understand the feeling of superiority and attention in a niche; professionals from all works of life crave it but it is more prevalent in the music world. Nonetheless, as a newbie or full-time artist, hit songs should not be a top priority at any moment. No doubt, we want to grove and party all day with hit tracks but the hit tracks most of the time brings instant gratification and after a short period, it disappears.

Hit songs? They will surely come; they’d become obsolete someday but first thing’s first, focus on the big picture and produce quality content rather than the opposite. That is how some of the best songs are created.

Wrong Decision Making

Granted, some invitations are meant to be turned down, however, some her meant to be grabbed with both hands. Unfortunately, artists ain’t fortune tellers and thus can’t see the future. The result is that many end up selecting or rejecting the wrong platforms. In the end, things don’t turn out well for them. The lucky ones may still remain slightly relevant to the music industry, while others fizzle out of the spotlight completely.

Starting Up As a Featured Artist

The first impression, they say, matters a lot and people would undoubtedly know you for a trademark. The bitter truth though is most persons venturing into music start off collaborating with top-notch artists rather than making a stance for themselves. This nonetheless will make you popular and take you far, but just for a while. It is imperative that you not allow it to get into your head as some have in the past.

Unruly or Unsavory Behavior

While being a musician could mean you get away with a number of social vices, there are times when artists go too far. It could be something as spontaneous as an offensive statement on camera to something as reoccurring as being a difficult person to work with. Whichever way it goes, an artist’s career can end as a result of bad behavior.

Upcoming Artists Overly Depend On Big Studios

Big studios do not equate to good music. Surprisingly, not all top artists had the privilege of making sounds in well equipped studious; nonetheless, they turned out fine and are presently making waves around the world. However, if you are a dreamer and your dream is to produce music in big studios, the dream is fine, if not superb. It is okay to dream big but don’t be overly dependent on it. As an artist, the major issue of concern should be the producer of your supposed songs, lyrics, gadgets and other software to make good music.

Many Artists Excessively Show Off Their Wealth

It has become a signature for most entertainers to showcase their wealth to all who care to look. This can be pretty cool, especially for the younger demographic. Wealth is not show-biz, however. It only helps to polish your career or pursuit and in this regard, your pursuit is music. If you happen to be struggling to keep up the wealthy appearance, it may be best to tone down the extravagance a bit and focus your money on growing your music career, especially if you are an indie artist.

New Artists Overly Imitate Ready-Made Musicians

There is no harm in copying, admiring and wanting to be like an A-list artist. It shows you have the thirst to grow and you have a mentor in the music industry. In as much as you long for this, there is a line you should not cross and it is called “imitation.” You have to be unique and dynamic in your way. Never dim your light by copying others in the industry because it may turn out to be the easiest route to your failure.

Everything You Need To Know About Music And Artist Promotion

What's the Best Promotion for Independent Artist Initiatives?

Making great music needs to be your primary focus and if you are thinking about promoting your music without professional help, here are some tips to consider. First, marketing campaigns need to be planned and coordinated in order to be effective. Only then can we begin to monetize your talents and continue to share your message to the world. As entertainment and artist promo experts, we understand the importance of marketing and the opportunities that arise from successful campaigns. We even have artists partner with us and bring their investors on board. Considering a startup or venture investor to help you get started is a good way to build your music career quickly.

Marketing is a business investment, just like buying a laptop and software for editing and writing music. Marketing is also very competitive so choosing a company with experience and online relationships will help maximize budgets and reach. Buying a fixed number of views and streams do not cause work towards organic growth. Would you like to have 100 people in a room who do not care about your music, or 10 that do who may share it with others?

To truly do well in marketing it takes a certain degree street smarts, research experience, mathematical intelligence and an understanding online consumer behavior and psychology. Running an advertisement on YouTube without a comprehensive marketing strategy is a surefire way to start a YouTube charity drive without benefiting in return.

In the world of online marketing, there are many ever-lasting challenges beneath the surface, and these challenges are ever-evolving. For example, one of them is generational changes. These directly affect online behaviors and trends. It’s highly likely your fanbase is the Y Generation, more referred to as the millennial’s and sometimes stereotyped as the, Attention Deficient Generation. Millennial’s surpassed baby boomers which makes them the largest generation. Make no mistake that shorter attention spans are not to be confused with a lack of intelligence. Millennial’s are very smart and they want good content and honestly. They can easily decipher honestly from B.S.

Now, the main challenge for Gen Y is not getting their attention; it’s keeping and preserving it. Statistically, millennial’s have shorter attention spans which make them a more delicate audience. The reality is all of us have several active social networks and they’re embedded into our daily lives. These networks send never-ending notifications and ding alerts! This does not make it any easier on millennial’s to stay focused. In general, this makes it more difficult to make a connection and have them relate to your message.

If your audience does not find your content as engaging as the next notification that arrives, you’ve already lost them. New likes and short-term followers are a dime a dozen. The goal is to turn your short-term followers into long-term fans. Our marketing experts and 24/7 support team is always ready to assist and keep our campaigns organized. Our infrastructure and partnership allow us to take high-value, large budget campaigns and recreate feasible artist promotion packages that maintain the same value and effectiveness.

Believe it or not, indie artists and marketing agencies mix very delightfully together. In fact, by working with the right digital marketing team and you will be afforded more time to focus on your music. This is the best way to maximize profit and outreach while maintaining full control over your music and brand as an indie artist. It’s paramount to have a branding service in any professional field. DIGITTO Media is here to meet your needs when it comes to artist branding services. We are willing to help you practice most if not all of the tips mentioned above. We have spent years studying the marketing strategies of some of the biggest artists and other professionals in the industry and can’t wait to apply them to your brand.

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Everything You Need To Know About Music And Artist Promotion
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