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Why Independent Artists Need A Marketing Agency

Independent artists can thrive outside commercial record labels and over-priced PR firms by partnering with online marketing agencies for indie artists. With over a decade of live entertainment marketing experience, DIGITTOACCESS delivers extraordinary value to indie artists.

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A successful marketing strategy is an essential part of an artists’ success story, but why is it easier for artists to thrive under a marketing agency compared to being the handler of their own publicity?

The answer is simple: Artists like you are awe-aspiring musical geniuses and entertainment marketing experts curate content and innovative many-sided strategies to share your talents with the world!

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Although independent is a term used for do-it-yourself, it shouldn’t be applied to marketing initiatives. Chance The Rapper, Ben Reneer, AJ Edwards, Frank Ocean, and Lana Del Rey are only a few examples of indie artists who have established names for themselves.

Why Independent Artists Need A Marketing Agency
Why Independent Artists Need A Marketing Agency
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When it comes to finding a marketing agency and getting a good one, artists are usually lost in the forest of landing the right agency that fits their dreams and intentions. As a result of this, some eventually end up being indie artists because they could not find mutual ground with an agency. One of the myths flying around is that marketing agencies tend to suck out the creative in musical artists. This is a very wrong notion as with the right marketing team, you can have as much freedom as you want while effectively promoting your music.

We will soon see why it is beneficial for an indie artist to work with a marketing agency. It is also essential to establish that being an indie artist does not mean you have to be totally independent as far as your music career is concerned. Many artists think to be independent means doing everything by themselves. To them, you literally have to do everything that involves music creation by yourself. In other words, they consider the writing, producing, mixing, marketing, and even mastering of their production their responsibilities. This is just another myth. Everyone needs a team. A town planner does not measure all lengths and breadths of the city all by himself. He needs a team to do that.

Fears of Being an Indie Artist or Under an Independent Agency

With so many arguments that are tendered in support of being an indie artist, the cons cannot go unnoticed. Despite the good feeling you get from being independent and in control of everything that concerns your career, there are some considerations that you should make. Below is a list of what can be considered as the disadvantages of being an indie artist of running an independent music production system.

Inadequate Funding Or None At All
One noticeable difference between a signed artist and an indie is the availability of funding. On the side of being an indie artist, there is no hope of external funding except by a relative or friends. This is to say that being an indie artist involves individually sourcing for funds to finance your music production.
The fearful expectation is the final close down the artist may experience as a result of the inadequate funding. Also, a lack of funds reduces the budget, which may result in low-quality production. For instance, inadequate financing involves a low financial plan for recording, production, promotional services, tour plans, as well as merchandise.
Risk Of Losing Copyrights Over Music
This is another primary concern about an independent label. In an agency, the ideas and right to music are protected because it has its own publishing group, which copyrights their music unlike in the case of an indie artist. While indie artists can still claim the rights to their work, the copyright process is not as smooth.
Lower Quality of Music
By nature and circumstances surrounding the production of indie music, there is every possibility that the music would turn out low quality. This may be because of low financing. Also, the album audio quality may manifest from good to mediocre, because most of the work is done by the artist and his band members or amateurs he could afford. The low quality effect covers areas such as the song production itself, the studio used, the audio engineering, and designs created for the song or album cover.
No Promotional Or Marketing Services
Being an indie artist means you cannot receive the public’s attention more than your money can afford. There are limited promotion and exposure. In the end, you might never really live out your dream of becoming a trendy artist. Essentially, to become a successful indie artist, you would have to struggle. There are no marketing packages, no robust financing scheme available for you. This is why many indie artists are in some way connected to underground music performances and productions.
Local & Limited Sales
As an indie artist, your songs or albums are only released locally, basically online. This limits your sale as people cannot buy your music if they do not know you. Also, people who do not prefer to buy records or songs online might shun your productions unless you have been made famous.

Artist Marketing Services

Being a successful indie artist is possible but can be quite difficult when you put into consideration the level of struggles one has to survive before succeeding eventually. One very important distinguishing factor is the marketing services available in a marketing agency. A marketing agency does a lot for an artist. In reality, whether an artist records music success or not depends on the agency he is signed with.

Why Independent Artists Need A Marketing Agency

Are Marketing Agencies Still Relevant?

Developing an artist’s fan base as well as music and artist promotion are the key responsibilities of a marketing agency. Whether or not you can do without them, the fact remains that having a digital marketing company on your side comes with a lot of benefits.

Some argue that the inception of internet tools like SoundCloud and Spotify has signaled the end of the use of marketing agencies. That is not correct. Despite the influence of technology in music, marketing agencies are still relevant, and in fact, more than ever. Here are the reasons why every artist needs a marketing agency to achieve massive success in his music career.

Why Independent Artists Need A Marketing Agency
You Have a Team
Even as an indie artist, a marketing agency is what you may need to get your music career in good shape and on the run. Instead of trying to do every task yourself or finding amateurs to do it for you, thereby making a low-quality production, a marketing agency will build for you a team of professionals working around the clock for your success. All you need to do is to relax and focus on your music.
It Saves Time
Of course, the perks of being an indie artist include doing a lot of things on your own. With all the benefits the internet has to offer, you can practically be your own marketing agency. For instance, you can contact websites and online magazines to create a publicity plan for your music. You can also set up a website for packing and shipping orders, find video directors as well as upload your music on iTunes or Amazon for distributions and sales. But have you considered the time and quality assurance? How good will it be if you had a marketing agency that could help in performing all these functions?
Let The Experts Handle It
What if you can actually carve out the time to perform all the responsibilities mentioned above and many more? So you have got the time, but can you do it like the experts? You cannot handle a publicity plan like someone who has been on the job for years; neither can you create a good album design like someone who is trained to do it. In essence, to avoid being mediocre, it is best to have this job distributed to the quarters that have the know-how. What better way to ensure this than having a marketing agency?
You get to save cost
Believe it or not, a competent marketing agency knows how to avoid waste of resources while rendering targeted promotional campaigns. They know what works and what will most likely fail and could save you a lot of money in the process. This does not mean that using a marketing agency is a means of cutting costs. It simply implies that with their help, you could avoid waste and channel much-needed resources to other areas of your music career.
High Profile Connections
You can get attention, but it does not end there. A marketing agency is always on the move trying to get your face in one or two magazine covers every month. It will be quite hard for an indie artist to get the attention of a TV, magazine, or site for a feature. In essence, a marketing agency will “market” you and get you essential connections. The benefits include landing endorsements deals, enjoying paid travel tours, TV shows, and other industry buzzes any artist could dream of.
What About A Perfect Online Recognition?
Thanks to the internet, an indie artist can create his fan base through the use of social media platforms. Nowadays, all artists use social media for their publicity. Although, most of them, of course, are signed to several marketing agencies. Running a personal PR without a marketing agency has a blowback, and that is the lack of proper and effective exposure. Working with a marketing agency will solve this and create for you a robust social recognition. A marketing agency PR functions include promoting you and your music on magazines, billboards, websites, and other online social networks. A marketing agency can build a strong PR strategy for you.
Promotions, Marketing Strategy, And Branding
A marketing agency comes with a total package. The team that will be working with you are professionals equipped with ideas for promotional and marketing plans as well as artist branding. They will help build a sellable image of you and your music while also executing strategies that will better expose you to the public.
Making Your Music Better
Technology has also helped marketing agencies improve in their service delivery. They now have access to advanced tools and solutions to ensure a high level of efficiency and productivity. Marketing agencies make use of the latest technology to decipher what your fans love most about you and your music. This information is priceless for both signed and unsigned artists. So, the more they advance in their use of technology, the more your music gets better.

If an indie artist should perform all the identifiable tasks above by himself or with the help of a group of amateurs, there is every chance that the results may turn out unsavory. Apart from the time and resources to be wasted, quality assurance is also questionable.

Lastly, producing and releasing good music is just the first of many aspects that make a great artist. Although the internet has made everything look accessible, so it is easy to upload songs and music videos online for sale.

Despite the use of the internet, a marketing agency is still relevant in this digital world. The inputs from a marketing agency can create a compelling and profit-making digital marketing for artists. This includes the digital distribution of music plus the quality delivery of marketing services, which saves time and money. At DIGITTO Media, we understand your decision to remain independent and we would love to help you in your rise to the top.