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The Very Best Organic Music Marketing for Artists


All-Inclusive Organic Music Marketing & Music Release Packages

With the advent of digital promotions, marketing for artists has become extremely competitive. This is why we’ve partnered with online media companies and publishers in the industry and continue to develop new technologies and innovative marketing strategies to help you break through the noise and amplify your brand message! Like everything else in the world, you have to stay ahead of the game.

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Today, artists find it to be easier to share their music with their fans, but it poses a difficulty as fans just resort to streaming the music compared to purchasing the entire album. Instead of buying an album, people simply use streaming platforms to compile their favorite songs into a playlist. While this has put a damper on sales and a way for the audience to listen to their music at low costs, we open up a world of opportunities for you to increase your exposure and monetize online, and you can interact with your viewers directly!

Apart from sharing content easily over the Internet, digital media innovation included artificial intelligence, or algorithms, to calculate or predict song or artist popularity. However, music companies with the most money to burn can pay to have their artists rise to the top of the charts by using paid ads. This leaves the lesser-known, struggling artists at the bottom, often unheard.

Hope is not lost for struggling musicians and artists, as DIGITTO Media offers marketing services that are guaranteed to generate results and extreme exposure! While DIGITTO Media takes advantage of digital marketing, we also inject more value into our all-inclusive organic solutions which cover all aspects of both digital media, live interactions and online PR.

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The Very Best Organic Music Marketing for Artists
The independent voice for live entertainment professionals! Helping artists become A-list talent!

DIGITTOACCESS was born through the exclusive partnership between DIGITTO and CelebrityAccess, the world’s largest resource and database for entertainment professionals. Together, we deliver unbeatable value through our entertainment industry experience, proven marketing strategies and connections in the live music industry.

Our relationships and resources extend far beyond online media partners. We have direct connections with high authority publication websites and direct access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive contact database in the live entertainment industry. Our goal is to be the independent voice for live entertainment professionals and help artists become successful, whether it’s monetizing online or becoming a part of the A-list! 

Organic music marketing used to happen only with face to face interactions between artists and fans – live concerts, meet and greet sessions, autograph-signing, or even small neighborhood shows. With digital media, organic music marketing online is now possible. Depending on the platform, artists can interact with fans in real-time – whether responding to comments or by chatting directly with different people. The artists are no longer limited by distance as fans from all over the world can access their music. Artists are also able to reach out to their fans from different parts of the world through various platforms.

Inclusive organic music marketing not just covers live interactions, they can also make use of content marketing – via websites, blogs, and social media management and optimizations. Unlike other companies, DIGITTO Media strategies are planned and executed by real people, and while algorithms also play a part in reading the numbers, professionals are behind the calculations. All data is read and interpreted by experts on the team and is used to build further marketing strategies and campaigns.

Inclusive organic music marketing makes sure that they do not need to use bots or applications that gain instant “likes” or “views” on social media accounts. When bots are used, people are easily made to believe that an artist is truly popular, and their content is shared many times over. However, some social media platforms do a routine cleanup of accounts, and almost half of the “likes” and “followers” are suddenly deleted, and the artist is left with little digital media representation. When the right organic music marketing strategy is used, artists’ “likes” and “followers” come from real people who came across their material online and spent time viewing the profile or watching the video. The interactions on the artists’ page are genuine, and not a copied-and-pasted paragraph.

Inclusive organic music marketing takes time, so patience is a must. It can be tempting to speed things up and shoot to popularity quickly, but the use of inorganic strategies do more harm than good in the long run. Aside from being expensive, the results are merely fabricated, and the fan numbers are less than what they are – none of which are helpful to an artist, whether new or an established name in the industry. Besides, some people are interested in the genuine qualities of an artist, and through digital media, it is even easier for fans to see artists in their actual world – behind the scenes, away from the lights, the glitz, and the glamor of the stage lights – and be able to interact with them, even if they are hundreds of miles away. Won’t this be even more fulfilling to an artist compared to quickly generated “fan” numbers but with zero interaction?

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The Very Best Organic Music Marketing for Artists

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The Very Best Organic Music Marketing for Artists

5 Reasons to Choose DIGITTOACCESS for Music Marketing Strategies

In the past year, DIGITTO Media partnered with CelebrityAccess and gave birth to DIGITTOAccess, a marketing agency focused solely on the entertainment industry. With the fusion of entertainment and marketing, artists – both emerging and established – are given a world where they can build their brand further.

Competition in the music world is already tough enough as it is, and marketing companies are also in a world that is just as competitive. With the two worlds combined, won’t this become an even tougher competition? So why choose DIGITTOAccess?


In the entertainment world, who you know matters and with DIGITTOAccess’ network of publishers, news agencies, social media influencers, website owners/developers, and online media partners, your brand as a musician has a wider reach. You have the opportunity to access this immense network and have them working on your team as you further build your brand. You can focus on your music, and the marketing strategists will focus on helping you get your music out there.


DIGITTO Media is already an established name with over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry. With DIGITTOAccess, this expertise is harnessed exclusively for artists and musicians, and results are guaranteed. The team of experts is more than capable of planning out and executing various campaigns customized for your brand as an artist. Take advantage of the various digital platforms available: social media, websites, blogs, video streaming, music streaming – all of which are covered by the DIGITTOAccess experts. The creativity does not end there, as you discuss different strategies, you may even stumble across fresh and innovative ideas.


The company name does say it all, right? With DIGITTOAccess, you get access to quality customer service 24 hours, 7 days a week. An idea pops into your head at 3:00 am? No problem, you can reach your account manager to discuss it, no matter how crazy. Inspiration flicks on and goes on for hours? Your marketing expert will be happy to work with you, believing that it is best to strike while the iron is hot, understanding just how important it is to keep the inspiration flowing.

The Very Best Organic Music Marketing for Artists
Increase the Volume!


Real people, real results. While other companies rely solely on algorithms and bots to generate fans, likes, and followers, DIGITTOAccess uses algorithms as a tool to help the team calculate and interpret data that is vital to the marketing strategy, and how to turn that data into genuine results. Without using bots, the marketing is focused on getting real people to view your material and continuously getting more people to view additional content as the online presence increases. As the team studies how people come across your material, they also come up with new ideas on how to reach more viewers and fans, and how these viewers can further interact with you as an artist.


Real marketing strategies take time to get results, and the DIGITTOAccess team understands this very well. They do not promise instant results in the blink of an eye, but they will work with you every step of the way as you climb your way to popularity. Challenges will surely rise along the way, and not all strategies will bring the desired results. The team is ready to work with you through the difficulties and will patiently discuss ideas – the pros and cons, projecting the results, or how to further develop them. The team understands that hard work is key to achieving successful campaigns, and consistency and determination are vital in the entire process. You are guaranteed to find a team that will not give up and keeps working to help you build your brand.

With the fierce competition in the entertainment industry, isn’t it a comfort to know you’ll have a reliable teammate by your side, working with you every step of the way? DIGITTOAccess is ready to be that teammate, ready to help you with the load as you focus on your music and what you do best, and they focus on what they do best.

Starting Up As a Featured Artist

The first impression, they say, matters a lot and people would undoubtedly know you for a trademark. The bitter truth though is most persons venturing into music start off collaborating with top-notch artists rather than making a stance for themselves. This nonetheless will make you popular and take you far, but just for a while. It is imperative that you not allow it to get into your head as some have in the past.

Unruly or Unsavory Behavior

While being a musician could mean you get away with a number of social vices, there are times when artists go too far. It could be something as spontaneous as an offensive statement on camera to something as reoccurring as being a difficult person to work with. Whichever way it goes, an artist’s career can end as a result of bad behavior.

Upcoming Artists Overly Depend On Big Studios

Big studios do not equate to good music. Surprisingly, not all top artists had the privilege of making sounds in well equipped studious; nonetheless, they turned out fine and are presently making waves around the world. However, if you are a dreamer and your dream is to produce music in big studios, the dream is fine, if not superb. It is okay to dream big but don’t be overly dependent on it. As an artist, the major issue of concern should be the producer of your supposed songs, lyrics, gadgets and other software to make good music.

Many Artists Excessively Show Off Their Wealth

It has become a signature for most entertainers to showcase their wealth to all who care to look. This can be pretty cool, especially for the younger demographic. Wealth is not show-biz, however. It only helps to polish your career or pursuit and in this regard, your pursuit is music. If you happen to be struggling to keep up the wealthy appearance, it may be best to tone down the extravagance a bit and focus your money on growing your music career, especially if you are an indie artist.

New Artists Overly Imitate Ready-Made Musicians

There is no harm in copying, admiring and wanting to be like an A-list artist. It shows you have the thirst to grow and you have a mentor in the music industry. In as much as you long for this, there is a line you should not cross and it is called “imitation.” You have to be unique and dynamic in your way. Never dim your light by copying others in the industry because it may turn out to be the easiest route to your failure.

The Very Best Organic Music Marketing for Artists

One of the Best Music Marketing Companies

What is the measure of a good marketing company? Is it the number of clients or the number of successful campaigns? Did the company successfully develop the artist’s brand? All of these contribute to becoming one of the best music marketing companies. While there are famous names in the industry that have been around for decades, more and more music marketing companies are on the rise.

The best music marketing companies make use of their resources and always treat all clients as the top priority, no matter how many clients they have. These companies do all that they can to help clients achieve their dreams and become well-known in the entertainment industry.

The best music marketing companies know and understand trends and how to use these for the clients’ advantages. They understand that doing concerts alone is no longer enough to propel an artist to stardom, but that there are other methods of introducing the artist to the world, no longer limited to a single town, state, or country. Technology is one of the tools they harness and maximize the uses to launch campaigns and share the artist’s content and material through various music streaming platforms or social media accounts.

A truly good music marketing company gets to know its clients more deeply so they can customize campaigns and promote the brand as they should be known. They must discover more and more about the artists’ personalities, talents, attitudes, characters, and styles to be able to develop strategies. The best music marketing companies know that there is no single formula for success. They understand the need to continue finding ways and innovations for campaigns to succeed, and strategies to generate results and customizing and tweaking are always needed along the way. It’s a must for companies to be able to find the right mix of the artists’ personal touch and their expertise for the brand to be successful.

The best music marketing companies know that results do not magically happen overnight, although there have been times that magic strikes and some artists do achieve overnight success. Campaigns and strategies do take time and require patience and hard work. A good music marketing company will not give clients false hopes and promises without first studying the trends and the information they have.

While all music marketing companies need to make a profit, the best music marketing companies understand that not all artists have unlimited resources, so they make sure that the clients can afford their services without sacrificing quality. While many big-name companies have already profited through the years, independent artists or struggling artists need to find a company that will not burn a hole through their bank accounts. DIGITTOAccess is one of these companies – providing quality services the way the best music marketing companies do while making sure not to bankrupt the artist.

While still fairly new to the entertainment marketing scene, DIGITTOAccess is poised to become one of the best, with its vast network of connections in the entertainment industry and over 10 years of experience in digital media marketing. While some music marketing companies are only focused on the entertainment side of the artist’s branding, DIGITTOAccess is centered on both the entertainment and the marketing side of the branding. This means they don’t just promote the artist’s music, they also market the artist as a whole – music, brand, style, and how they can present themselves in the digital world and the live scene.

If you are an artist with dreams of being a global phenomenon, choose the best music marketing company that will help you accomplish this – one as unique as you are, as diligent and determined, and one that shares the same vision. It is important to choose the company that understands how it is to dream and work hard to achieve that dream, a company that knows this cannot be completed alone and is a fully-equipped teammate, ready to do their share of the job.

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The Very Best Organic Music Marketing for Artists
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