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• Starter Plan | Ad Spend: $3000 or Less
• Advanced Plan | Ad-Spend: $5000 or Less
• Pro Plan | Ad-Spend: $10000 or Less
• Premium Plan | Ad-Spend: $20000 or Less
We recommend at least $500 per month minimum. This is for our team to collect enough data to optimize a campaign for best practices. The more budget the more traffic driven to your website. Our company sets daily max budget caps so we do not exceed your monthly budget.
NOTES: If you don’t have these, please let us know and our PPC team will take care of all keywords for you, based on your business, what we see on your website, and previous discussions. If you do not have anything you would like to provide that is okay. Simply let us know and we will have our SEO team begin the keyword research based on your business and what we see on your website.
If you are running one campaign and one platform, and would like to include tracking, it would be 1 Order. If you would like phone tracking, we will need to see the landing page first.
Hard Copy Submissions

Please click here to download your PPC Intake Form. Once the form is complete, please save it before exiting and upload the form below. 

White Label Hard Copy

Please click here to download our PPC Intake Form via .doc file. You may re-brand this form and deliver it to your clients. Forms submitted by Agency Partners  (resellers) will be considered as “approved” on behalf of your client. 

Campaign policies and guidelines are below. 

What To Know For Your PPC Campaign
Pausing Campaigns
  • Generally, we do not pause or deactivate campaigns as it will affect the recurring month ahead as this is a monthly managed campaign.
  • If you plan on stopping management with us for any other reason, please advise our team immediately via support@digittomedia.com or directly on the campaign discussion inside our project board via Freedcamp – or both. We will pause the campaign as soon as possible.
Monthly Reports
  • Monthly reports are sent at the end of each campaign cycle (every 30 days)
  • The 30-days begins once the campaign is initiated. If our clients start on the 7th calendar day, we generally deliver the reports on the 7th of each month.
  • The delivery day will remain the same even if the campaign is paused. The exact day may vary depending on holidays and/or number of Mondays in a given month.
On-boarding Form
  • After the invoice is satisfied the campaign is green-lit and becomes active. The next step is for the client to submit a completed and returned On-boarding (Intake) form, or you may submit the digital form above.
  • Forms submitted by Agency Partners (resellers/OEM providers) are considered approved on behalf of their client. (agency partner clients). The campaign setup begins the day the form is submitted and our PPC team will initiate keyword research, which is delivered within 3-5 business days.
Campaign Setup & Approvals
  • The setup file will be sent for approval. Once approved our PPC team will enable the ads.
  • Please note the campaign cycles begins once the intake forms are submitted, so it’s important for clients to approve the ad-setup file. the form as soon as possible. If the ad setup file is delivered on the fourth day inside a 30-day campaign cycle, and our team receives client approval on the fifth day, we will enable the ads on day Five. This means the first month will run for 25 days due to campaign setup.
  • Five days for campaign setup / Twenty-five days for active campaign management.
  • The full monthly ad spend budget will still be satisfied within the first month if clicks can be exhausted while maximizing the campaign.
  • Month 2 and ongoing will run for a full 30 days of management.
Campaign Billing
  • Invoices are due in fronts for all marketing, advertising and development orders. These payments are non-refundable after the work begins. However, if there are issues related to refund requests, the next step is to have a call and address the issues. We will help you resolve issues on a case-by-case basis.
  • If a campaign is paused, billing does not pause and expected delivery dates will remain the same.If invoices are paid in full for upgraded campaigns (i.e. upgrading your package from [$3k Starter to $8k Pro ] and the client decides to pause parts of their campaign, the full campaigns, or even lower their ad spend amount, the campaign continues to run. We cannot stop management of the campaign or place your entire campaign on hold and pro-rate.
  • If you are an agency partner, please set the same expectation for your clients.If there are plans to create long holds on campaigns, we suggest downgrading the following and plan ahead for the right-sized management. Our campaigns run month to month; therefore, we generally allow changes to a campaign size on a month to month basis as well, just like our SEO campaigns.
  • Our campaigns DO NOT include marketing/business consulting or in-depth industry research. The more in-depth the goals are, the more research may be required, and quotes may vary depending on the research needed.If you choose a higher tier package inside the campaign where the first month includes one-hour consulting session, calls will need to be scheduled 48 hours prior.
  • Our consulting services are billed hourly.We provide Free 24/7 campaign message support via your project board on Freedcamp, which is also the preferred methods for most clients as the project board makes it easy to track progress, organize goals and initiatives, track results, and reference previous communications.
Thank You For Partnering With Us!
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