Marketing Companies Continue To Join DIGITTO Media’s Free Partner Program

Many marketing companies rely on our partner program (like clockwork) for the delivery of effective services, results and timely reports. Our partners close more deals, grow more businesses, improve client satisfaction, and scale their company risk free without hiring any additional overhead.


The program is 100% free and is designed to build more business opportunities for our partners. It does just that, allowing marketing companies, paid-ad professionals and entrepreneurs to resell affordable and effective marketing solutions. We provide real value and residual income for our partners and we will explain how we do it.



  • Paid-Advertising Specialist (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc)
  • Search Engine Optimization Companies (SEO)
  • Internet Marketing Companies/Professionals
  • Website Developers and Web Designers
  • Affiliate Marketers and Webmasters
  • Content Marketers


Even entrepreneurs without marketing backgrounds (or experience) partner with us. They learn the basics and become glorified project managers.



Earnings from our DIGITTO Media partner program are reinvested back into research and development and proprietary tools; such as our Core Brain analytics technology. This allows our company to keep costs low and our services effective. The lower our costs are, the more margin opportunity for our partners.


We also use all top tier tools recognized in the industry. Our CORE Brain analytics is proprietary technology developed over the last 5 years, utilized by our team, which includes deep site analysis, advanced keyword management technology, and A.i-based systems that exist nowhere else.


We do not wait for third-parties to update their software, nor do we wait on our competitors to find more effective techniques so we can copy them. You can bet the best techniques are not going to be shared by your competitors via an online blog, anyway. If you do not invest in your own tools, nor have the funds or resources to grow, then we are a perfect fit. Make it simple and partner with us! 


If this is not enough, there is more. All of our partners have access to our exclusive member’s resource portal. Our portal is updated frequently and has tons of resources to help our partners become marketing powerhouses. It’s also 100% free!


To help you close more deals, we also provide free preliminary website audits, overviews and recommendations for you to provide to your leads. We brand them with your logo.



  • White Paper On All Services
  • White Paper For Our Partners Clientele (helps educate clients on each service) 
  • Rebrand Ready Marketing Presentations (rebrand and present to professionals in a corporate setting) 
  • Rebrand Rebrand Proposals (start today by rebranding and adding your prices to our proposal templates)
  • Study Guide & FAQ’s (allows partners to find answers and respond quickly to client emails) 


The Study Guide & FAQ’’s is a resource on its own. Our members usually find what they are looking for in this document. Further questions can be raised to our support teams.



SEO companies primarily partner with DIGITTO Media to assist with workload so they can continue to take on new clients, others have transitioned all projects to us so they can focus solely on their clients throughout the day. DIGITTO Media handles all operations of orders, updates and reports. Companies who partner with DIGITTO benefit from our proprietary tools and resources mentioned above, which takes the stress off companies trying to win the race in a competitive industry.



You may want to consider our program if you focus on a specific paid-advertising service such as Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, etc.


Many paid-advertising specialists vend with us in order to provide an overall strategy for their clients. Although paid-advertising is effective, it is an advertising campaign and not an overall marketing plan. Marketing is several strategies, efforts, and advertising campaigns wrapped up into one overall marketing plan.


Business owners are becoming more aware of marketing vs paid-advertising. Many understand that amcombination for an overall marketing strategy is what is needed for long term success. We not only help our partners fill this gap, but we also educate along the way. Content Marketing and Social Media Posting is also included in our SEO packages which is a 3 for 1.


With us, you will help clients grow and provide them the best hands-on service, so it’s a win win. Each new client you bring on you will learn new services and become a more knowledgeable business owner, then it becomes natural to you. We will help you build more business opportunities than ever before.


Do not lose another client just because you could not (or chose not to) offer a variety of services to your clients. Because of these reasons and more, many people opt for white label using DIGITTO Media’s partner program. You can offer the best SEO services for the best price, offer your clients hands-on support, and so much more! CONTACT US


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DIGITTO Staff Writers September 4, 2018 0 Comments