Partner Update: Branded SEO Dashboard For Agencies!

Branded Dashboard for Agencies
  • *NEW RELEASE* Agency branded dashboard (agency view)
  • Dashboard branded as Copyright © 2020 **Your Company name
  • Agency client’s are nested under your new agency dashboard.
  • Client dashboards can be accessed via agency view
  • Be sure to only send clients the link to their dashboard.  .
  • Do not provide clients your agency dashboard link.
Partner Update: Branded SEO Dashboard For Agencies!
Partner Update: Branded SEO Dashboard For Agencies!
Client SEO Dashboard View
  • Your clients will see your agency branding on their dashboard.
  • Supports an unlimited number of clients completely free!
  • Each client has their own SEO dashboard via MD5 encrypted link.
  • Client may view the status of their SEO campaign
  • Client may download their monthly reports.
Partner Update: Branded SEO Dashboard For Agencies!
Partner Update: Branded SEO Dashboard For Agencies!
Deliver Your Clients More Value!

• Proprietary CORE AI SEO Technology (re-brand it!)

• Best Decision Making & SEO Direction

• Deep-site Analysis & Effective Strategies

• AI-Based Systems & Technology for High-Value SEO

NEW! CORE AI SEO Dashboard for Clients! (agency branded)

Content Marketing (to maximize SEO)

Social Media Posting (to maximize SEO)

Social Account Optimization (to maximize SEO)

Upfront Strategies, Initial Planning & Research

No Setup Fees for Marketing Campaigns (SEO & PPC)

Active-Managed Campaigns & Project Board

Agency 24/7 Project Support

• Manual Link-Building (no artificial links)

• Experience, SEO Testing & Know-How

On-page Optimization Updates As Needed

Marketing Research & Development (SEO/SEM/SMO)

• Eye In the Sky SEO Surveillance (DIGITTO E.I.T.S)

• Vast Connections & Relationships With Over 100,000+ Online Sources

    – Industry & Niche Industry / Online Media Partners

    – News/Publishing Networks & More!

• DIGITTO DataDex Database

   – Robust Database of Quality Links 

  –  Provides Real-time website PA/DA’s

• Website/Server Tweaks (Competitive Advantage

Agency Streamlining!


Start a new client campaign.


Request a branded audit.


More on White Label Services.
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Become A Digital Marketing Powerhouse!

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Pandemic Business Recovery: Advertise and Sell Online

Business Survival During A Pandemic

In a very short time, the Coronavirus pandemic has been a swift and furious wave across our globe, creating dramatic disruptions to our lives. The effects for many have been tragic and disastrous as economic reserves are pushed to near depletion, normal lives disrupted, and people struggle to return to what once was their normalcy. Very few people are spared and it appears that no matter how much you prepare, nothing will be enough during the major impact of a global pandemic.

Fortunately for us, technology has advanced to such a degree, that we have the world wide web and social media at our disposal. For some, it’s a sanity break during pandemic times. For others, it’s a source of stress or news…but for businesses, this is a golden opportunity. The office or the store may be closed, but online advertising and the convenience of online purchasing of goods is very much alive. What does this mean for you and the future success of your business? When you choose marketing support wisely, it can mean the difference between staying afloat and thriving or suffering a downhill spiral and going under.

Advertising Online

If your business already has a digital presence and capabilities to deliver online, even during periods of lock-down, then you are indeed fortunate and your business will have endless opportunities to be found by hundreds of thousands of people. However, the same may not apply to businesses that do not transact business online or a well planned marketing strategy that will mature overtime. But all is not lost – we help online businesses survive and we have solutions that allow you to transition your business model online. With technology constantly evolving, anything is possible. 

Advertising online can be done in various ways. First we must understand your business model and your goals. After this, we are able to package the best solutions for you to reach those goals and grow your business. Now, more than ever, people are in front of their computers. These same people are actively searching for products and services. We can help you make online business adjustments and streamline your marketing campaign to successfully reach your target audience. Even better, we have a deep understanding in buying behaviors and marketing psychology. We will also help you build a website that will convert your visitors into leads. Once you have a site that generates leads for your online business, it is up to you to make the sale! 

We're An Extension of Your Team!

How can we help you succeed and thrive? We can take the difficult challenges you may be struggling with, and turn them into opportunities for you, creating an engaging website for your visitors, and provide a powerful value proposition to persuade them to buy from you, opposed to your competitors. To achieve success in your marketing endeavors, it is key to implement innovative organic marketing strategies tailored for your business and your specific goals. Our affordable solutions help you become a leader and knowledge base in your industry by increasing your online visibility, authority, and reputability.  By doing this, more customers searching for your products or services will see your company as a more trustworthy online business and source for information.

While this may sound simple, the steps are often complicated. The digital marketing landscape is changing. Therefore, for starters, you will need to have a website that will convert your visitors into leads, because if you don’t acquire leads you can’t make any sales. You and your business deserve to THRIVE! Your growth and success depend on a properly structured marketing foundation comprised of a comprehensive solution for local or nationwide businesses.

DIGITTO Media’s recovery package is here to support both existing businesses and startups. Taking advantage of a digital recovery package during these tough times might seem like a dent in your business expenditures, but SEO marketing is truly an investment.  Today, if you are not engaged in digital marketing, your business and services will not be found and your competitors will be the ones who succeed. The long-term ROI from SEO marketing is far better than any other marketing solution. As your campaign matures your business receives more customers.

Advertising online gives you the opportunity for a wider reach, thus expanding your customer base, and proving an edge over your competition – who may not even have a digital presence. But, in case they do, then it’s an even better reason for you to hire an advertising agency to boost your business, pandemic or not – and see your profits grow. DIGITTO Media’s unique recovery package can be that solution for you.

Launch Your Campaign!

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Should You Hire A Marketing Vendor Or The Average Marketing Company?

Key Benefits: Hiring A Marketing Vendor Versus An Agency

As a reputable OEM marketing vendor, we manage not only our direct client campaigns, but countless campaigns for agencies who are members of our white label services. This allows us to invest annual budgets into our team process, improve our infrastructure and deliver amazing support. Because we manage a high volume of active-managed campaigns, we’re able to offer lower rates and still deliver unbeatable value to business owners and agency partners.

87% of marketing companies outsource their work. A handful are fortunate enough to do their due diligence and may be knowledgeable enough to outsource their work to a vendor like DIGITTO Media. Our campaigns are active-managed and we provide 24/7 support and include much more than what is in your average marketing package, which won’t help you be competitive in today’s market. Unfortunately, there are some agencies that outsource SEO only for the money and they do not understand how it works, nor do they understand that marketing is NOT one-size-fits all. This means  that they end up outsourcing the work to inexperienced “SEO Experts.” This is why many people who have tried SEO in the past did not received the results they were looking for.

ALL NEW Coronavirus Business Recovery & Startup Survival Packages!

The coronavirus/COVID-19 has impacted millions of businesses, maybe even yours.  For some, this is a new opportunity to start a new business during the pandemic. But survival and success are not easy unless you know how to navigate the challenges. With no signs or clear indication of the virus vanishing any time soon or taking the residual effects into account, your business may be among the hundreds of thousands that are at risk of being shutdown or losing monthly revenue due to lack of customers. 

If your business is affected by the coronavirus/COVID-19 or you are starting a new business during this period, and you’re able to deliver your products or services online through a website or phone orders, then you may qualify for our heavily discounted Coronavirus Startup & Recovery Packages. 

4 Key Factors For Business Success: 

  1. Experts: Seasoned/Experienced Marketing Experts
  2. Funnel: A Website That Converts Traffic Into Leads
  3. Psychology: Knowledge in Buying Behaviors & Marketing Psychology.
  4. Support: 24/7 Support, Consulting, Consistency & Reliability
Should You Hire A Marketing Vendor Or The Average Marketing Company?

Our campaign includes 24/7 support, upfront strategies, planning and research. Our clients receive this and more without having to be locked in with 8-month contracts or ridiculous setup fees. Yes, that’s right! Absolutely zero setup fees. We offer comprehensive SEO and PPC solutions, and we can help you point out your website pitfalls as well! Here are the results you could receive at lower rates by hiring a vendor (like us) direct:

Marketing Value Packaged In All Marketing Campaigns

  • AI-based Systems & CORE Brain AI Dashboard
  • CORE Brain AI for Deep Site Analysis/Effective Strategy
  • Content Marketing Promotions (Maximize SEO)
  • Social Media Management (Maximize SEO)
  • Social Account Optimization (Maximize SEO)
  • Upfront Strategies, Planning, Research & No Setup Fees
  • Active-Managed Campaign & Project Board
  • 24/7 Project Support & Initial Website Consulting
  • Experience, SEO Testing & Know-How
  • Eye In the Sky SEO Surveillance Systems (DIGITTO E.I.T.S)
  • Manual Link-Building (No Artificial Links)
  • Proprietary Technology (High Value SEO)
  • On-page Updates (As Needed)

Tailored Campaign For Your Business

Your business is unique, so we’ll custom-fit services for your company in order to make the most of your marketing dollars. Here’s how we’ll work with you:

ONE: You will receive a free SEO consultation with one of our SEO specialists. During the consultation, our experienced staff will show you how you can improve and increase your online visibility and will work with you to outline a plan that will work for your company.

TWO: Your SEO consultant will explain the SEO services that are available to you so that you will know your options and can pick those options that best fit your business’s needs while staying within your budget. Then we will dedicate a team of professionals based on the SEO package and link building package that you select.

THREE: You will be sent an in-depth analysis of your site, including your current rankings. Then our team will follow up regularly with updates so that you can see and track your SEM progress with us.

We have vast connections and relationships with over 100,000 online sources, media partners, publishing companies. 

Boost your business with a U.S based marketing vendor today!

You’re going to love working with us!

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Top 10 Businesses That Are Profiting From Coronavirus/COVID-19

The COVID-19 / coronavirus has shuttered many businesses; however, some industries are thriving as a result of the imbalance of demand for products and services as millions are under travel restrictions and shelter-in-home.   Besides food and basic needs, we monitored the effects of the new contagion on more than 100 industries.  If your business provides services to the industries below, you may also be a beneficiary of the companies that operate in them.


The vibrant CBD/ Cannabis industry has gotten only more popular as many people turn to the healing claims CBD/Cannabis brings.  Some take it due to the self-isolation environment as a result of social distancing and quarantine, while others use it to relieve anxiety and stress brought on by the coronavirus epidemic.



Due to an increase in the number of people staying at home, the online gaming community has exploded with active gamers.   Game servers have reached all-time high loads, while games, even older titles, have received a record number of downloads.  Gaming will continue to thrive during the coronavirus epidemic as gaming companies roll out special releases, unlocking new online worlds, and provide fresh updates to games to take special advantage of the increase in gamers.



UV sanitation machines, soaps, and germ-fighting disinfectants will continue to have high demand.   Products, for example recently, designed to disinfect mobile devices have increased in popularity.   Also, soaps, especially niche soaps and the premium variety will face higher than usual demand as people place a high value on maintaining cleanliness and a germ-free environment.  Air filters have also seen increased demand.



Instead of visiting a gym, people are opting to exercise from home.   Equipment that are usually found in the gym, from yoga mats to running machines is being purchased by homes across the nation.



Until a vaccine for the coronavirus is created, a strong immune is one of our only defenses.   The belief that vitamins, supplements, and other health-oriented foods that can help boost the immune system will have higher demand from people searching for these products.  Furthermore, in a related industry, health-related equipment such as in-home exercise machines, or other health equipment designed to promote exercise and dietary needs will also increase in demand.



The anxiety of social unrest has also caused many people to go out to buy guns for protection. Some states are running out of inventory and are having a difficult time fulfilling the demand. Look for a similar up-tick in demand for gun ranges, training, and coaching services.  Some states like California have begun placing limits on weapon purchases.



The pharmaceutical industry has gained from the demand for drugs. Even excluding the vaccine, big pharma will gain from increased demand for everything from Tylenol to Chloroquine. Whether the drugs are effective or not is still up for evaluation. However, there are several dozen or more experiments going on, some with existing drugs, and some with drugs that are still going through trial phases.



As people stay at home, the online gig industry is expected to boom. With more time on people’s hands, they will be looking for new ways to earn money online. Stay-at-Home businesses include bloggers, video bloggers (VLOG’s), affiliate sales, paid gigs, online platforms, e-books, and other digital services that can all be transacted online.



Traffic to media sites will be higher than usual as people follow the latest news on the coronavirus.   Both local, national and niche news sites, as well as health-related portals, have seen a jump in traffic.  Blogs related to health and wellness have also seen improvements in traffic.



The number of people purchasing online has only increased with lockdowns and some people afraid of going outside.  E-commerce has increased demand not only with big retailers like Amazon but also small e-commerce stores and niche e-commerce stories that can ship all their products directly to the customer.  Whether it is for use, or for consumption, businesses that are involved in e-commerce are seeing more orders come through.  As long as the post office stays open, shipping will continue to thrive.

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Improving Marketing Sales Close Rate By 500%

I have a simple test for you. Take a look at the last 10 leads from your prospect list. How many of these leads did you close? If your answer is five or less, you have some work to do. The second question I’m going to ask you is, how many of the ones that you did not close, did you do a follow up call or email?


Let’s be honest. As a sales executive or representative, we hate follow-up calls. They’re simply boring. No one likes to do the mundane follow-up when there are exciting new deals coming in. But the truth of the matter is that from DIGITTO Media’s sales and also from our white label SEO, we see the vast majority of sales comes from follow-ups. So do they matter? Yes, A LOT.


We’ve seen sales go through the roof because sales executives decided to follow-up with the list of prospects that they already have, instead of spending all their time on mining for new leads.



When you follow up with on a prospective lead, think of it as doing a marketing campaign with re-targeting. We understand in marketing that re-targeting in an Ad Campaign improves click-through rates and lead generation. Did you know, the same concept applies to closing sales?

A potential prospect these days gets hundreds of emails a day, in addition to getting hundreds more messages from social media posts, apps, and other ad sources all competing for their attention. What makes you believe that your ONE email or TWO phone calls will be enough? Often times, unless the buyer really needs the marketing service, it is not enough.

That is where you need to understand your advantage, and why you should not give up on a lead simply because he or she didn’t respond after your one or two messages.



Assuming that when you close, you are already making the personal touch to your messages and phone calls, then you’re already one step above all the noise out there that don’t have this advantage.

This means, for your warm lead, you have already talked to the prospective lead on a call, or you have already exchanged emails with them.  You’re able to get a prospect’s direct attention, which is already far AHEAD of any other advertisement trying to get their attention.

Let’s look at it this way.  With a prospect that is interested in SEO or PPC, you can safely assume they’re gong to look up SEO and PPC on Google or do their own research. What can you expect when they do that? They will see ads for other SEO and PPC companies show up. Chances are, they will click into them to see what others offer, and not only consider your proposal. These ads then re-target and come back in front of the lead when he browses other sites on the web.

Now, in comparison, your one or two calls/emails that you made to the client doesn’t seem to have as much magic anymore.



Ideally, we want to establish a working scenario where you have a balance between reminding a lead that you’re there but not be too annoying, which can hurt your deal. You certainly don’t want to come off as being desperate. On the other hand, you could be competing for the sale, and the lead has multiple offers to choose from. In either case, you don’t want to wait too long to send your reminders and follow-ups.

Some people say that you should send a reminder every 2-3 days, while others think it should be once a week. The problem is that doing so creates a level of predictability in the mind of the lead. They might start having a “here comes Devon again” mentality.

One trick that people don’t know much about is to decrease the frequency of your response rate as time goes on. The way this works is to send follow-ups more frequently when the lead is warm, and reduce that follow-up rate as time goes on.

The more that you understand how this frequency works, the better you are at riding the waves of a lead to make your way to a close! Learning this one concept is absolutely crucial so you don’t get put on to a SPAM or DNC list. Navigating this process well will lead you to doubling or tripling your sales.

We’ll show you below exactly what that frequency should be if you’re interesting in seeing exactly how the closing strategy plays out.

One question that comes up often, is it ever too late to follow-up? The answer is never. We’ve had cases where the follow-up was made 1-2 months after the initial call, and the deal still got closed. Certainly not ideal, but the answer is to never give up!



The short answer is after 6-months to one year. Yes, some of you might gawk at that answer, but let me explain. First, as you will see below, it’s not that many follow-ups.  Second, the problem a lot of times is not IF the lead is ready to buy, but WHEN the lead is ready to buy. Keep in mind, we are selling marketing services. There is hardly a business on this planet that cannot benefit from services that help grow their business.

However, what gets in the way is probably timing. The lead might be interested, but he or she, say, might not get to approving the marketing budget for another 2 quarters. Or the lead might not start on that one project that needs marketing services until a few more months down the road.

The question is then, are you going to be there for him when he needs your services? That’s where follow-up’s come in. If you don’t believe it, try this out: you don’t even need a 6 month or 1 year follow-up. Extend your leads with follow-ups from a few days to a few weeks, or even a few months. Then watch your closing rate jump!



I’m sure you didn’t come here to learn math lessons, but the secret to all of this is to understand that our world, and therefore the people in it are driven by underlying mathematics.

Don’t worry, this won’t hurt your brain. All you have to do is know what prime numbers are. The first few prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 and 29.

Improving Marketing Sales Close Rate By 500%

Here’s a prime chart with the PRIME numbers highlighted. All you have to do is remember to WAIT the number of days based on the prime number to follow up.


Here’s an example of a 4-5 month follow-up plan:


  • 2 Days after Sales call: Follow-up
  • 3 Days later: Follow-up
  • 5 Days after last follow-up: Follow-up
  • 7 Days after last follow-up: follow-up
  • 11 days after last follow-up: follow-up
  • 13 days after last follow-up: follow-up
  • 17 days after last follow-up: follow-up
  • 19 days after last follow-up: follow-up
  • 23 days after last follow-up: follow-up
  • 29 days after last follow-up: follow-up


…and so on.


You can also use this to mix in follow-ups as calls, messages, or emails. That’s completely up to you. The goal is to reach the buyer and be there for them when they need your services. Let us know what how this affects your sales closing rate in the comments section below.


Good luck!

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CelebrityAccess launches DIGITTOACCESS for the Entertainment Industry

CelebrityAccess in partnership with DIGITTO Media is now a haven for entertainment professionals because of the wide range of digital marketing and advertising strategies. CelebrityAccess is all set to prepare you to launch your brand and connect to the world in style.

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DIGITTO’s Dynamic SEO: Campaign Level, How They’re Formed and How We Actively Manage Them

Here are the differences between DIGITTO Media vs. freelancers, in-house teams, and other providers; at the campaign-level, of how they’re formed and how we actively manage them.


  • DIGITTO Media has an entire team of experts and specialized individuals, not just one individual, this adds up to decades of experience.
  • DIGITTO Media runs SEO campaigns using a proprietary CORE Brain Analytics technology that allows us to never duplicate actions, and create original campaigns which are custom-made unique to each site and different each month. It is not random or preset.
  • DIGITTO Media also sets minimum required resources to be met in each campaign. An individual won’t do that, which means less accountability.
  • DIGITTO Media runs campaigns using CORE Brain AI-based Analytics which is proprietary and not available to anyone else. Additionally, our SEO campaigns include content marketing, social media optimization, and social media posting.
  • DIGITTO Media has the widest available range of strategies and an understanding of over 250 factors from Google, plus our own R&D on SEO testing. 
  • DIGITTO Media has tens of thousands of established relationships and connections for blog outreach and posting opportunities we built up over a decade.
  • DIGITTO Media relies on scale, instead high margins on dollar per hour on a campaign. Thus, you go much further for each dollar spent on an SEO campaign.
  • DIGITTO Media won’t be offline or pause your SEO campaign because one person loses the internet or gets sick. Your campaigns are actively managed and backup is provided if needed.
  • DIGITTO Media has a triangular approach. Our SEO campaigns include content marketing and social  media optimization and posting to maximize the SEO campaigns performance.


We can provide all this value at competitive pricing because we reinvest annual budgets from our white label program, and allocate them to all of these initiatives.


Any reputable SEO company can provide results in a few months. Generally, we advise our customers that it will take 3 months for visible results and 6 months for more significant results. It is always recommended to budget for 6 months as search engine algorithms have over 250+ ranking factors, and picks up duration of SEO efforts and campaign consistency, (consistent link-building efforts).


To do well with an SEO campaign you have to have a team structure, invest in R&D, SEO testing, and develop proprietary tools and AI-based systems. SEO takes years of experience and over a decade of know-how to be able to compete against your competitors. We have what it takes to take you where you want to be. 


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The days of hiring freelancers for your entire SEO marketing campaigns are over and…

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An Honest Review On Is It The Right Choice For Your Website Upkeep?

It’s hard not to fall in love with, the site has a charm from the outset that is only compounded by the incredibly thorough and valuable service they provide. The site is emblazoned with images of a superhero and this may be one of the rare cases that the marketing matches the product.

An Honest Review On Is It The Right Choice For Your Website Upkeep? tips seo DIGITTO 2018 SEO is an SEO expert, it looks at every aspect of your website and tells you precisely how to optimize it. Whilst it might not be as glamorous as saving damsels in distress, is definitely a superhero when it comes to SEO. What helps Ryte stand out above the competition is the detail it provides. Most every SEO software package and analysis will point out where your website is making a mistake and what parts need upkeep or maintenance to improve, some will even tell you how to do that, Ryte is one of the few that explains why. That may sound like a small thing but it’s huge, Ryte wants to teach you to be better, it wants to help you understand and genuinely improve. Other services either assume you’re too stupid to understand or deliberately want to keep you that way so they can keep selling you their services.


Ryte is an acronym for Reach Your Targets Efficiently; it’s the brand’s mission statement and a measure of the service. They position themselves as much as a mentor as they do a tool. That said the data and service they provide is second to none and it’s all browser-based, no need to download. Whilst they will provide detailed analysis on the tech side of the site and how you can improve, secure and update your website they also provide a service that looks at the content of the site helping you to create a stronger presence and building on your skills as a writer by teaching you what to make note of.


Did you ever hear of Superman charging the people he saved from that burning building? No? Me neither. This is the thing that most positions Ryte as an actual superhero. The basic service is completely free. You can head over to right now and start using it to manage and optimize your site at no charge at all. There are however a few restrictions as to just how much you can do and the premium service comes in at $119 a month. Whilst it’s not the most expensive on the market, it’s not the cheapest either, the quality of the product still makes this incredible value though.


An Honest Review On Is It The Right Choice For Your Website Upkeep? tips seo DIGITTO 2018 SEO

All in all, is a product, brand, and service that genuinely seems to want to help the little man stand out on the internet. It can equip you with all the tools you need to make sure you’re doing everything to improve your ranking. For beginners or veterans alike there is a wealth of value to be taken from the free service and after you’ve seen what they can do the premium product is there to take you from super to godly.



  • Basic service is free of charge
  • Browser-based and incredibly easy to use
  • Thorough analysis with an in-depth explanation of why and how to improve your site



  • Whilst utterly charming might not be the most professional service to showcase to clients

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Marketing Companies Continue To Join DIGITTO Media’s Free Partner Program

Many marketing companies rely on our partner program (like clockwork) for the delivery of effective services, results and timely reports. Our partners close more deals, grow more businesses, improve client satisfaction, and scale their company risk free without hiring any additional overhead.


The program is 100% free and is designed to build more business opportunities for our partners. It does just that, allowing marketing companies, paid-ad professionals and entrepreneurs to resell affordable and effective marketing solutions. We provide real value and residual income for our partners and we will explain how we do it.



  • Paid-Advertising Specialist (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc)
  • Search Engine Optimization Companies (SEO)
  • Internet Marketing Companies/Professionals
  • Website Developers and Web Designers
  • Affiliate Marketers and Webmasters
  • Content Marketers


Even entrepreneurs without marketing backgrounds (or experience) partner with us. They learn the basics and become glorified project managers.



Earnings from our DIGITTO Media partner program are reinvested back into research and development and proprietary tools; such as our Core Brain analytics technology. This allows our company to keep costs low and our services effective. The lower our costs are, the more margin opportunity for our partners.


We also use all top tier tools recognized in the industry. Our CORE Brain analytics is proprietary technology developed over the last 5 years, utilized by our team, which includes deep site analysis, advanced keyword management technology, and A.i-based systems that exist nowhere else.


We do not wait for third-parties to update their software, nor do we wait on our competitors to find more effective techniques so we can copy them. You can bet the best techniques are not going to be shared by your competitors via an online blog, anyway. If you do not invest in your own tools, nor have the funds or resources to grow, then we are a perfect fit. Make it simple and partner with us! 


If this is not enough, there is more. All of our partners have access to our exclusive member’s resource portal. Our portal is updated frequently and has tons of resources to help our partners become marketing powerhouses. It’s also 100% free!


To help you close more deals, we also provide free preliminary website audits, overviews and recommendations for you to provide to your leads. We brand them with your logo.



  • White Paper On All Services
  • White Paper For Our Partners Clientele (helps educate clients on each service) 
  • Rebrand Ready Marketing Presentations (rebrand and present to professionals in a corporate setting) 
  • Rebrand Rebrand Proposals (start today by rebranding and adding your prices to our proposal templates)
  • Study Guide & FAQ’s (allows partners to find answers and respond quickly to client emails) 


The Study Guide & FAQ’’s is a resource on its own. Our members usually find what they are looking for in this document. Further questions can be raised to our support teams.



SEO companies primarily partner with DIGITTO Media to assist with workload so they can continue to take on new clients, others have transitioned all projects to us so they can focus solely on their clients throughout the day. DIGITTO Media handles all operations of orders, updates and reports. Companies who partner with DIGITTO benefit from our proprietary tools and resources mentioned above, which takes the stress off companies trying to win the race in a competitive industry.



You may want to consider our program if you focus on a specific paid-advertising service such as Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, etc.


Many paid-advertising specialists vend with us in order to provide an overall strategy for their clients. Although paid-advertising is effective, it is an advertising campaign and not an overall marketing plan. Marketing is several strategies, efforts, and advertising campaigns wrapped up into one overall marketing plan.


Business owners are becoming more aware of marketing vs paid-advertising. Many understand that amcombination for an overall marketing strategy is what is needed for long term success. We not only help our partners fill this gap, but we also educate along the way. Content Marketing and Social Media Posting is also included in our SEO packages which is a 3 for 1.


With us, you will help clients grow and provide them the best hands-on service, so it’s a win win. Each new client you bring on you will learn new services and become a more knowledgeable business owner, then it becomes natural to you. We will help you build more business opportunities than ever before.


Do not lose another client just because you could not (or chose not to) offer a variety of services to your clients. Because of these reasons and more, many people opt for white label using DIGITTO Media’s partner program. You can offer the best SEO services for the best price, offer your clients hands-on support, and so much more! CONTACT US


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