Service pricing has been discounted to reduce pressure on businesses that need marketing expense relief and coronavirus protection. 20% of all campaign proceeds are being donated to Direct Relief.

CoronaVirus Business Startup and Recovery Package
Coronavirus Business Recovery & New Business Survival Kit

The coronavirus/COVID-19 has impacted millions of businesses just like yours.  For some, this is a new opportunity to start a new business during the pandemic. But survival is not easy unless you know how to navigate the challenges. With no signs or clear indication of the virus vanishing any time soon, your business may be among the hundreds of thousands that are at risk of being shutdown or losing monthly revenue due to lack of customers. If your business is affected by the coronavirus/COVID-19 or you are starting a new business during this period, and you’re able to deliver your products or services online through a website or phone orders, then you may qualify for our heavily discounted Coronavirus Startup & Recovery Packages. (Please see our qualifications below)

CoronaVirus Business Startup and Recovery Package

Enjoy exclusive access to our proprietary CORE Brain AI SEO Dashboard for Clients!

What Can Your Business Startup & Recovery Packages Do For My Business?

To some businesses, surviving the coronavirus is like running a marathon. We know it, our SEO re-sellers and clients know it, hence why you need to know what it takes for your business to survive during these turbulent times. Although we do not have the vaccine to the COVID-19, we do have marketing solutions for your online business.

  • Shift your business online, or if your business is already online, grow your revenue with SEO and/or PPC. During this coronavirus pandemic, a majority of people are working from home or on lock-down. More than ever, they are looking for products and services online.
  • Focusing on the needs of the customer during a pandemic is not easy, but people will continue to need products and services. Give your business the right coronavirus promo offer, and people will be glad to inquire or acquire your offer! We will create the means to get the word out. 
  • With millions of people at home, social media has reached new heights in popularity. People tend to associate inactivity or accounts with limited posts with a business that is not doing well. We will reach out to your target market and local neighborhoods by keeping your social media active, and automatically create and publish posts for you on a routine basis!
  • Whether for your own site, a small business, or a corporate enterprise, our solutions work! We are confident you will survive with real results when you haven’t elsewhere. Get online marketing and to work for you during the coronavirus outbreak.
Reduced Rates!
Business Startup & Recovery Plans

Your active-managed marketing campaign is enhanced with our proprietary CORE Brain AI SEO technology. You will have exclusive access to your very own CORE SEO Dashboard and a project board with 24/7 support. Better yet, our marketing packages below include content marketing, social media publications, social account optimizations, on-going SEO website updates and more!


  • 5 Keywords for Search Inquiries
  • Keyword Research & Audit
  • [1] Content Writing 
  • [1] Outreach Post or Blog Post
  • [1] Optimize Social Media Account
  • [2] Social Media Posts 
  • [50] Engagements & Ranking Links
  • Monthly Reporting
Most Popular!


  • ✪ 20 Keywords for Search Inquiries
  • Keyword Research & Audit
  • [3] Content Writing 
  • [3] Outreach Posts or Blog Posts
  • [3] Optimize Social Media Accounts
  • [9] Social Media Posts
  • [400] Engagement & Ranking Links
  • INCLUDES: CTA Setup (forms/click-to-call), Press Release & Monthly Reporting


  • 25 Keywords for Search Inquiries
  • Keyword Research & Audit
  • [3] Content Writing 
  • [3] Outreach Posts or Blog Posts
  • [3] Optimize Social Media Accounts
  • [12] Social Media Posts (3 Accounts)
  • [450] Engagement & Ranking Links
  • INCLUDES: CTA Setup (forms/click-to-call), Press Release & Monthly Reporting
  • INCLUDES: 1 Hour Free Business & Marketing Consultation


  • 40 Keywords for Search Inquiries
  • Competitive Keyword Research
  • [5] Content Writing 
  • [5] Outreach Posts or Blog Posts
  • [5] Optimize Social Media Accounts
  • [25] Social Media Posts (5 Accounts) 
  • [700] Engagements &  Ranking Links
  • [1] Large-Scale Press Release 
  • INCLUDES: Competitive Link-building, CTA Setup (forms/click-to-call) & Monthly Reporting
  • INCLUDES: 1 Hour Free Business & Marketing Consultation
All Packages Include
  • AI-Based Systems & CORE Brain AI Dashboard
  • Deep Site Analysis & Effective Strategies
  • Content Marketing Promotions (Maximize SEO)
  • Social Media Management (Maximize SEO)
  • Social Account Optimization (Maximize SEO)
  • Upfront Strategies, Planning, Research & No Setup Fees
  • Active-Managed Campaign & Project Board
  • 24/7 Project Support & Initial Website Consulting
  • Experience, SEO Testing & Know-How
  • Eye In the Sky SEO Surveillance Systems (DIGITTO E.I.T.S)
  • Manual Link-Building (No Artificial Links)
  • Proprietary Technology (High Value SEO)
  • On-page Updates (As Needed)

We have vast connections and relationships with over 100,000 online sources, media partners, publishing companies. You are going to love working with us!

CoronaVirus Business Startup and Recovery Package
Active-Managed Campaigns and 24/7 Project Support

At DIGITTO, you don’t pay to get ignored. No one likes lousy customer service, which is commonly found in cheap SEO marketing services. Cheap SEO makes it impossible to get your questions answered, discuss marketing strategies, and even obtain a performance report.

Another big frustration business owners have is paying for SEO services overseas due to the language barriers and time zone differences. Marketing is not one-size-fits all, so it’s important to hire a company that can not only provide affordable pricing, but value as well. You dont want to get stuck with a Google penalty from cheap SEO services because this is almost impossible to come back from and your performance will decline quickly.

SEO Marketing Phases
Keywords, 200+ Factor Audit, On-Page SEO, Social Posting & Content Production

In the initial campaign, we immediately tackle your SEO and content promotion, which includes your promotional offer and sharing the offer to increase engagement. After understanding the business, our analytics team will create a comprehensive competitive keyword research list to acquire leads, while factoring in the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Produce Your Promotion Content
  • Publish And Share Your Business Promotion
  • Share And Post To Your Social Media
  • Google Business Profile Setup
  • Browser Compatibility Check
  • URL Canonicalization
  • Page Weight Checking
  • Search Engine Spider Simulation
  • Keyword Relevancy Modification
  • Site Micro-data
  • Optimize Robots.txt, Sitemaps And More!
  • Title Optimizations
  • Meta Description Optimizations
  • Content Optimizations
  • Tag-based Optimizations
  • CMS Platform-specific Optimizations
  • Site-wide Optimizations
  • Social Account Optimizations
  • Results-oriented Keyword Research
  • Image ALT tag optimization
  • Submission to Google/Bing/Yahoo
  • Webmaster Tools Optimizations
Active-Managed Off-Page SEO Campaign, Social And On-Page Updates

An on-going monthly campaign to protect your business by promotional engagement, leads, traffic and rankings. It involves creating different types of content, creative promotional methods, social platform outreach, and a number of ideas that are different each month and customized to maximize your revenue potential.

  • Coronavirus Strategy Updates
  • Strategies Will Be Localized For Local Businesses
  • Google Algorithm Strategy Updates
  • Bing Algorithm Strategy Updates
  • On-Page Optimization updates
  • Keyword Effective Analysis
  • Keyword Swapping/tuning
  • Content/Press Release Writing
  • Keyword Optimized Content Production
  • Writing By Professional Writers And SEO Experts
  • Spelling/Grammar Checks On Each Content Piece
  • Check For Content Duplication
  • Proof-read For Content Relevancy
  • Each Piece Will Have At Least One Link And Anchor Text For Your Site
  • Intelligent CORE Brain Campaign Strategy Setup
  • Social Account Posting Management
  • Guest Posting Or On-Page Blog Posting
  • Press Releases (Paid Inclusions)
  • 3rd Party Reviews
  • Social Media Shares And Submissions
  • Optimized Social Bookmarking
  • Niche Directory Submissions
  • Niche Smart Commenting
  • Local Citation Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Indexing Submissions
  • One-way Commercial Class-C Links
  • Diverse Number Of IP Origins
  • And Many More!
Does My Business Qualify For The Business Startup & Recovery Package?
The business must be impacted by the Coronavirus/COVID-19, or you are starting a new business during the COVID-19 pandemic
Business service or products should be either local or nationwide
The business must be able to transact online, such as make a delivery, and/or take orders by phone call or by website
The business is not an existing client with DIGITTO Media, or has been a client within the last 2 months

*Problems meeting any of these requirements?

We have alternatives available. Please send a request to your sales agent or to We look forward to helping thrive and survive online!

Discounted Campaign Add-on's!
$99 PER/HR.

Marketing Consulting

Our marketing & business consulting services will help you earn more revenue! Marketing is one thing, understanding online buying behaviors and consumer psychology is another!
$1,299 PROMO

SEO Web Design

Need a premium world-class business website to represent the face of your company? Our SEO and web design team can help deliver a website that sells!
$349 PER/MO.

PPC Advertising

Accelerate your traffic with our advanced paid advertising solutions.
$699 (FIXED)

Industry Research

In-depth competitor, keyword, & Industry research to gain further insight to overpower your competition.
$450 - $999

Cinematic Touch

Need a high-end video for your online business? We can have a spokesperson suit up and read your script to deliver your brand message, or create an engaging explainer video!
20% Of All Proceeds Go Towards Donations For Direct Relief. Start A Marketing Campaign Today and Support Your Business And Those In Need.

Direct Relief is coordinating with public health authorities, nonprofit organizations and businesses. In the U.S., Direct Relief is delivering protective masks – along with exam gloves and isolation gowns – to health care organizations in areas with confirmed COVID-19 cases. DIGITTO has reduced our campaign pricing and are donating to Direct Relief for each campaign we begin.

CoronaVirus Business Startup and Recovery Package
Frequently Asked Questions

The COVID-19/coronavirus has impacted millions of businesses nationwide. As a company that helps businesses increase revenue, we feel obligated during this time to help out by discounting our service offerings.

We plan to limit the amount of time for the offer, although that will also depend on how long the coronavirus will affect businesses.

We accept businesses from all industries, local and nationwide, with the exception of adult (xxx) websites. Businesses must abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

Yes, as long as the content is in English.

Yes, you can add or remove keywords at any time. However, we recommend at least 3 months for results before considering keyword swapping.
Choose a campaign within your budget, and based on the amount of keywords you would like to rank. The more keywords you rank, the more traffic to your website. The people visiting your website will be those who are actively seeking your products and/or services.

We can also develop a new world-class website for you, or we can re-design your existing website. We have a fully staffed development team with over 14 years of development experience. We will happy to send samples of our recent and previous work. 

Add further reinforcement to you marketing packages and accelerate your leads by also running a PPC campaign (pay-per-click). Our paid-advertising plans are also active-managed campaigns that will bring instant traffic to your business. For more information, see our PPC page.

These campaigns plans are reduced if you bundle it with our discounted marketing campaigns on this page.

Yes, it is simple to downgrade or upgrade a campaign by submitting a change request within the project board our team will setup for you at the start of your campaign. You may also upgrade or downgrade your campaign at the beginning of every monthly cycle.

We recommend at least a 3 or 6 month campaign in order to begin to see results. You may also continue to run the campaign or upgrade if you find it brings you good results for your business.

Our discounted COVID-19 Relief Packages are created specifically for businesses and entrepreneurs that are affected by the COVID-19/coronavirus. Specific requirements must be met to qualify for this program. The campaign is a limited time offer.

The COVID-19 Relief Package also combine more content marketing into the campaign by engaging business promotions made during the coronavirus period. Our retail packages (both national and local) are comprehensive SEO campaigns, and were the basis for the COVID-19 Relief Package; however, there are differences. The COVID-19 Relief Package begins content writing and social media posting in the first month in order to speed up the engagement process and adds in CTA checkup, and competitive link-building on higher level packages, which are not normally found in our standard packages, only our high-end packages.

However, the COVID-19 Relief Package contains no foundational link-building in the first month. All link-building are acquired from Month 2 of services and on-ward.

The COVID-19 Relief Packages automatically places local businesses for local & organic rankings (including Google map pack and Google local), and nationwide businesses for national organic rankings.

Attention to detail make a world of difference between success and penalty. Our work is completed manually, and intelligent analysis is involved. We do not use any software to automate. Also because all of the articles we write are original and not spun, this requires a higher-cost to bring you the highest quality possible for your campaign.

We have been a marketing service provider since 2007 and considered one of the top OEM SEO companies. We have helped thousands of business achieve rankings for their niche, and we provide excellent 24/7 customer support which is inclusive inside your campaign. Better yet, we offer the most affordable marketing services compared to those who are competing on the same level of quality, and we provide more value with our proprietary tools, Ai-systems, client SEO dashboard and so much more. 

The COVID-19 Relief Package is designed to work from Phase 1 and into Phase 2 efforts. Any steps which are skipped will have a negative impact on the outcome; therefore it is not possible to skip any phases of the project. Additionally, if you are not experiencing results from your previous provider, its likely to be a lack in precise optimizations for both your on-page and off-page efforts. This is why it is in your best interest to allow our experts to handle your campaign from Phase 1 and onward.

Our marketing experts begin your project right away, once your order is completed.

Please see our contact page. During a campaign you will have 24/7 access to your very own project board that serves as your digital desk! This board is managed by our 24/7 campaign support team.

Our company builds proprietary analytics software for our internal team, as well as utilize all major analytics software including SEMrush, Moz, and Ahref. We don’t use software to build links which is to ensure your campaign is as natural as possible for Google and other search engines. 

Yes this will work for new websites. We will adjust strategies for new sites.

Yes, you will receive a full link diary report showing all links that were placed, with ranking report of your keywords and exclusive access to your very own CORE Brain AI SEO dashboard. All of your reports and documentation are systematically uploaded here where you may also view further insights into your campaign and so much more.  

This depends on many factors such as: Where you are ranked now, the competition there is for your specific keyword choices, budget, etc…

Yes, all links are high quality links. These links are manually built and have high link authority.

The turn-around time is 3 months to 6 months for results. Some results may appear within 30-days, but do note that SEO is a long-term process. We also provide superior PPC Ad Management services which will provide more insight into which keywords are converting and accelerate traffic to your site while the SEO campaign matures.

Yes, great question. Our AI technology allows us to track anchor text and we have over 10 anchor types that we can utilize for the campaigns.

Your Initial Marketing Development








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