Top 10 Businesses That Are Profiting From Coronavirus/COVID-19

The COVID-19 / coronavirus has shuttered many businesses; however, some industries are thriving as a result of the imbalance of demand for products and services as millions are under travel restrictions and shelter-in-home.   Besides food and basic needs, we monitored the effects of the new contagion on more than 100 industries.  If your business provides services to the industries below, you may also be a beneficiary of the companies that operate in them.


The vibrant CBD/ Cannabis industry has gotten only more popular as many people turn to the healing claims CBD/Cannabis brings.  Some take it due to the self-isolation environment as a result of social distancing and quarantine, while others use it to relieve anxiety and stress brought on by the coronavirus epidemic.



Due to an increase in the number of people staying at home, the online gaming community has exploded with active gamers.   Game servers have reached all-time high loads, while games, even older titles, have received a record number of downloads.  Gaming will continue to thrive during the coronavirus epidemic as gaming companies roll out special releases, unlocking new online worlds, and provide fresh updates to games to take special advantage of the increase in gamers.



UV sanitation machines, soaps, and germ-fighting disinfectants will continue to have high demand.   Products, for example recently, designed to disinfect mobile devices have increased in popularity.   Also, soaps, especially niche soaps and the premium variety will face higher than usual demand as people place a high value on maintaining cleanliness and a germ-free environment.  Air filters have also seen increased demand.



Instead of visiting a gym, people are opting to exercise from home.   Equipment that are usually found in the gym, from yoga mats to running machines is being purchased by homes across the nation.



Until a vaccine for the coronavirus is created, a strong immune is one of our only defenses.   The belief that vitamins, supplements, and other health-oriented foods that can help boost the immune system will have higher demand from people searching for these products.  Furthermore, in a related industry, health-related equipment such as in-home exercise machines, or other health equipment designed to promote exercise and dietary needs will also increase in demand.



The anxiety of social unrest has also caused many people to go out to buy guns for protection. Some states are running out of inventory and are having a difficult time fulfilling the demand. Look for a similar up-tick in demand for gun ranges, training, and coaching services.  Some states like California have begun placing limits on weapon purchases.



The pharmaceutical industry has gained from the demand for drugs. Even excluding the vaccine, big pharma will gain from increased demand for everything from Tylenol to Chloroquine. Whether the drugs are effective or not is still up for evaluation. However, there are several dozen or more experiments going on, some with existing drugs, and some with drugs that are still going through trial phases.



As people stay at home, the online gig industry is expected to boom. With more time on people’s hands, they will be looking for new ways to earn money online. Stay-at-Home businesses include bloggers, video bloggers (VLOG’s), affiliate sales, paid gigs, online platforms, e-books, and other digital services that can all be transacted online.



Traffic to media sites will be higher than usual as people follow the latest news on the coronavirus.   Both local, national and niche news sites, as well as health-related portals, have seen a jump in traffic.  Blogs related to health and wellness have also seen improvements in traffic.



The number of people purchasing online has only increased with lockdowns and some people afraid of going outside.  E-commerce has increased demand not only with big retailers like Amazon but also small e-commerce stores and niche e-commerce stories that can ship all their products directly to the customer.  Whether it is for use, or for consumption, businesses that are involved in e-commerce are seeing more orders come through.  As long as the post office stays open, shipping will continue to thrive.

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