Screaming Frog, a UK based marketing Agency, released the SEO Spider in 2011 as a sophisticated web crawler designed to be used by experienced SEO marketers for SEO analysis. Fast forward to 2018 and the SEO Spider continues to be one of the top tools in the market today for SEO Technical Audits.



AN IN DEPTH REVIEW FOR THE SCREAMING FROG’S SEO SPIDER TOOL spider tool seo company seo screaming frog orlando seo best seo orlando  SEO Spider is a website crawler that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyze onsite SEO. It basically, “spiders” links, images, CSS, scripts, and apps on websites like a search engine for the purpose of onsite SEO evaluation.



  • The auditing redirects enable you to seamlessly integrate migration with relative ease. For instance, SEO Spider enables you to upload your old URLs list, crawl them, and follow any redirect chains, until the final target URL is reached; and generate the data onto a single report for viewing.
  • The Crawl Path report enables you to identify exactly how the SEO Spider discovered a URL or how to view the “in links” to a specific URL
  • The SERP snippet emulator enables you to edit page titles and meta-descriptions directly in the SEO Spider and these changes are saved automatically but you can continue to edit them until you’re ready to export.



AN IN DEPTH REVIEW FOR THE SCREAMING FROG’S SEO SPIDER TOOL spider tool seo company seo screaming frog orlando seo best seo orlando

SEO Spider comes in two versions, one free and the other, a renewable paid a license for GBP 149 yearly. The free version enables you to crawl up to a limit of 500 URLs and offers:


  • Locating links, redirects, and errors
  • Analysis of page titles and metadata
  • Reviews of meta robots and directives
  • Audit of href lang attributes
  • Finding duplicate pages
  • Generating XML sitemaps



The paid version offers all of the above with no crawl limit and additional features including:


  • Crawl configurations save, and re-uploads
  • Custom extraction
  • Custom source code search
  • Google analytics
  • Search console integration
  • Link Metrics Integration
  • Rendering ( Java Scrip)
  • Custom robots.txt
  • Store and view raw and rendered HTML
  • Free technical support



The SEO Spider is fast and powerful with options that are exhaustive. There isn’t much that this application cannot do.


Extensive FAQs and a User Guide for SEO Spider are available for general troubleshooting on the Screaming Frog website. Technical online support is also available for paid users.


In terms of cons, for everything that SEO Spider offers, the drawbacks are less to none. It certainly doesn’t have the most user-friendly or intuitive interface so there is a steep learning curve for newbies. And, in what can be bummer for some users, the paid license needs to be renewed yearly. The SEO Spider is also currently available for download as a desktop version only on PC, Mac, and Linux.


SEO Spider rates highly on both performance and delivery, and is, therefore, an exceptionally useful tool for advanced marketers.







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As a business owner, you will want to give your customer not only the best but also as many services as possible. We have stiff competition in literarily every industry today; which makes starting a business and keeping up with your competitor a bit of a chore. White labeling has proved to be one of the best business solutions all around the world as it tends to extend your business capability and help you keep a good relationship with your customer. There are lots of white label business opportunities out there, depending on your type of business, the service you have or want to offer.


White Label Business Opportunities is a term used to refer to a business solution which allows companies and businesses to set up and offer services they normally can’t offer to their client. In White Label Business framework, the selling company outsources the services they offer from another company (producing company) and sell it to their client as their own. In this case, the company that actually provides the services is hidden behind the company that offers it to their client.



There are lots of reasons why people opt for white label business opportunities and it can add a lot of benefits; both to the business development and financially to the business owner. In White Label Business Opportunities, both the producing companies and the reseller companies benefit. Some of the reasons why opting for White Label Business can be the best solution to boost your business includes:


  • For the producing company, since all they do is provide the services for the reseller company, they are able to spend more time improving their production and making sure the best services is rendered. They are relieved of the stress of marketing their product as this is done by the reselling company.
  • White Label Opportunities works for the reselling company as they are able to cut the money they would have spent if they are to set up the business from scratch. Due to which, they are able to focus and spend their time improving their business distribution and marketing.
  • The reseller company can also make more profit in selling white label products or services by improving them and sell them at even bigger prices.
  • White Label Business Opportunities gives companies the opportunity to offer services and products outside their business but are of demand by their clients. This is common in businesses like Website developer and designers, Affiliate marketers, Web agencies, Internet marketers and Search Engine Optimization companies.


For instance, most web developer companies don’t offer SEO services but they know their client need it; these companies often sell white label SEO services to their client. This is often done to create a stronger and more professional company image by giving your client the impression that you have all the tools to complete any task needed.


You need to be careful when trying to select a company you want to partner with for White Label services. Remember, your company brand name is going to be the one on the rendered services; therefore if poor services are rendered, it will affect your company’s reputation. DIGITTO Media is one of the best companies that offer White Label Business Opportunities in the field of SEO. With years of experience, a lot of happy customers and in partnership with many companies; you are guaranteed the best. You can contact us right away to learn more about us and our White Label Business Opportunities offers.


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SEO Toolbox was created by the season veterans behind Seo Site Checkup with the basic objective of simplifying your search engine optimization. The Toolbox is designed to be intuitive and particularly user-friendly for small business owners, webmasters, and SEO marketers.


SEO Toolbox offers a number of different features but its primary USPs include:

TOOLBOX BY SEO SITE CHECKUP: QUICK AND EASY SEO SEO Vendor seo site checkup seo search engine optimization orlando seo orlando florida seo


  • Complete Website Analysis for thorough, complete, and fast SEO site checkups
  • Website Monitoring to notify you whenever your site is experiencing downtime or is otherwise unreachable
  • Site Loading Speed Tracker
  • Easy Sitemap Generator for simplified XML sitemap generation
  • Broken Link Detector
  • Custom White Label Reporting, editable for users, clients or partner websites
  • Technical Support


TOOLBOX BY SEO SITE CHECKUP: QUICK AND EASY SEO SEO Vendor seo site checkup seo search engine optimization orlando seo orlando florida seo



Seo Site Checkup currently offers 3 pricing plans for SEO Toolbox with a free 14-day trial to test drive all their best features. A credit card is not required for the free plan. All paid plans include the following with specific usage limits.


  • Website monitoring
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Competitor Analysis, including common SEO issues, speed optimizations, server and security, and mobile analysis
  • Storage of Reports
  • Sitemap Creator
  • Broken Links Checker


The Basic Plan starts at $24.95/month and allows for a maximum of 300 reports monthly. The Best Choice plan is available for $39.95/month with unlimited SEO analysis and white label reporting. The Professional Plan also allows for unlimited SEO analysis and white label reporting and is available to the user for $79.95/month. According to the site, none of the paid plans have any hidden charges, so what you see is what you get. Yearly plans are available at 10% off of the monthly cost. Plans can also be customized for your specific requirements.


Also on offer is a list of free tools, easily accessible, simply by typing out your website URL. One free test is available daily on the site. Once you register, you will have access to additional but a limited number of tests. Once you enter the URL, the site will provide easy to understand recommendations for your site to load faster, rank higher for search terms, and get more visitors.



SEO Toolbox delivers on what it has set out to do, which is creating a simplified SEO tool with a user-friendly interface. The dashboard is clean and uncluttered but not too basic, offering a decent amount of very useful information together with suggestions for changes to improve your scores. Reports, monitors, and analysis tools are easily accessible with one quick click.


While SEO Toolbox has an attractive dashboard with a thorough listing of SEO issues, it may not be for everyone. It excels as a basic tool with a clean presentation but advanced marketers may want to use it together with other PRO tools or as a part of an intensive analysis to get more refined and accurate results.





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