With the advent of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), link building has mainly involved human interaction. Nowadays, individuals depend more on the internet over the course of their everyday activities than they have never done, and the internet is energized by links.


Search engines possess a certain level of capability to monitor links in addition to assessing them, but the fact remains that links are most importantly intended for human use. Only a human mind is capable of creating links that can yield immense value to other people.


White label link building is a human effort.


Google is diminishing manipulations and spam

Link building does not depend on manipulation anymore.


Google has become very good at recognizing spam links and manipulations and is getting better and better at eliminating such links. With the launch of the Penguin algorithm and the progressive endeavors of Google’s internet spam group, link building has returned to its point of origin- white hat link building.


Human interactions are needed to create genuine links

An ideal approach to creating genuine links that are valuable to web crawlers is by human association. This implies manual effort to connect with genuine individuals and site administrators.


If any website allows you to place your links with them with no human interaction or association then such website isn’t a good choice to link to. It is important you connect with the individual who is managing a website where you wish to leave your link. If there is no human presence, it is highly likely that the site is no longer viable or was built solely for the web crawlers. If you’re not sure how to create white label links, you can opt for white label link building services.


White label link building is a process where web pages or links are built by a third-party source or a white label SEO company which are then applied to the provider’s own brand identity. This way you can get your white links under your brand from the best white label link building services out there.


Links are meant for humans, not search engines

Links are a great way for individuals to explore the wide web. In the absence of links, the web would be a jumbled chaos of data, and web indexes such as Yahoo and Google won’t function properly. Adopt a human-first strategy when seeking white label links from websites, and consider how good your chosen links will aid internet users to discover your website.


Furthermore, links make for better user experience, especially for web content. They can additionally be used for reference or citation purposes to add credibility and depth to your web content. As opposed to developing a wide, intricate subject, links are an ideal way of passing vital information on to your audience without the need of diverging from your primary topic.


Utilizing a “human-first” strategy for white hat link building

It is one thing to comprehend that link building is a human effort, though it is another thing entirely to practice that theory.


The following are some extensive rules for utilizing a human-first strategy for white hat link building:


  • Concentrate on relevance: Enlighten someone else (partner, companion or customer) on why a particular link is deemed significant. In the event that you can’t see any obvious reason for its pertinence, disregard such links.


  • Work with an audience-first mentality: When pursuing links, first seek out the websites your target audience visit often as opposed to the higher authority websites.


  • Concentrate on context: consider which areas will best serve your link placement on a site and if visitors would click on it. Provided they do, would they find its destination satisfying?


  • Human connection: do not forget that there is a genuine (and probably occupied) individual on the opposite end of your connection, and regard them with respect. Ensure you are always courteous and accommodating.


  • Give value: create links that deliver a “win-win-win” for the linking website, your website and your human audience that discover them.

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Investing in SEO services that are affordable and suitable for your business is extremely important. Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) is a very important element of running a successful business online. SEO can grow any business, irrespective of its size. We want to help you find the best services that can give your business an edge over its competitors.


SEO has developed and expanded and with that so have our services that we continue to change and optimize. DIGITTO Media offers a range of professional SEO services for blogging, digital marketing, social media, content marketing and online advertising. We want to create an online presence for your business that is consistent and solid.


The main services we offer are:


  • Search Engine Optimization –gaining more customers
  • Online paid advertising management
  • Content marketing
  • Social media skills that drive traffic, generate leads, produce sales, and create lasting relationships with customers


The Web Presence Assessment


This is a great way to get going to create an online presence for your business. This service also monitors the overall performance of your website. This service is available as a one- off service, standalone service or an integral part of a SEO package.


Our Web Presence Assessment will provide you a professional analysis of your overall website performance and stats. Search engine results and performance will be monitored and displayed. Social media analysis will also be shown. We will also provide a written report of 25 pages that is clearly written, with a detailed list of recommendations that are practical and actionable.


There will also be a full website audit for your website with data analysis and reporting.   The data provides additional information for improvement.


We also include a phone consultation that will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and to also find recommendations.


With this service, you will be moving forward faster as we provide an in-depth report on the areas that are critical for your business together with a complete execution plan of how and what you need to achieve your goal.


Why Choose Us?


One of the reasons you should choose DIGITTO Media is because we save you time. We help reduce the amount of time spent on planning and cultivating a successful and professional SEO plan. It can take some time to jump into the limelight of search results and we can help in this by getting you to the top. We have the right people and are always focused on helping you through your journey in getting your business to the top.


We believe our services will save you a lot of money; due to the fact that our services are available at an affordable and low cost. In the long term scheme of things, you will see that you have saved huge amount of money through our professional SEO services and at the same time, received an outstanding SEO experience.


You will also be receiving expert strategies and plans that enable your business to grow smoothly and effortlessly. With our highly skilled and talented team, you will be provided with everything you need to know to get going and we would always keep you updated on the rate of progress your business makes with us.


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Understanding Search Engine Marketing: Being at the Right Place at the Perfect Time

With millions of businesses out there vying for the attention of even more potential clients, never has it been more important to advertise online. Search engine marketing (SEM) is fast becoming the rage in promoting products online and growing one’s business.


This form of Internet marketing is accomplished by using paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages to generate traffic to a particular website or advertisement. The overall effect is that an advertiser is given the opportunity for his advertisements to appear alongside the results of popular queries or online searches. This is achieved through the effective use of keywords, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically, “search marketing” is the often used umbrella term over SEM and SEO.


Thus, this is the building block of search engine marketing. Researching and qualifying the most relevant and popular keywords for a particular site or product and strategically incorporating them into a particular website will generate an increase in site traffic and therefore a higher conversion ratio in terms of business. This technology allows for advertisers to bid on specific keywords, and they are in turn assured that their ads appear on the results of search engines.


Several factors make this form of Internet marketing unique from other forms of marketing both online and offline. For one, this type of online marketing is non-intrusive. Unlike the majority of advertisers that employ traditional, disruptive means of marketing their products, search marketing capitalizes on the fact that their potential clients are already in search mode. It is simply tapping on the potential client’s mental state at the exact moment he or she is “searching.” By riding on this moment, the advertiser increases his chances of making a sale, or at the very least be visible to potential clients/buyers.


Traffic generated by search marketing or SEM is user-driven and is therefore voluntary. Site visitors from search results link to choose to look at or visit the advertiser’s site as it appears on the results page of a search query that they themselves chose. All of these result from unforced actions and decisions on the part of the site visitor.


At the end of the day, search engine marketing is all about increasing one’s visibility on search engines as users perform queries using terms that relate to one’s business. All kinds of marketers have the potential to benefit from any user. Whether a user is looking for information, in a quandary, or simply prepared to purchase online, being on top of their results list can reap great rewards. The potential to lose business is so great that it is hard to ignore. Being absent on the results list means that one of the advertiser’s competitors may well be the one sitting at the top and taking the prospective client away. If this sounds troubling, it’s because it is. Search visibility is all about being at the right place at the perfect time. This is the essence of modern-day business.

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