Top Entertainment Marketing Tips to Promote Your New Album/EP

The revenue from the global media and entertainment industry is set to reach $2.2 trillion in 2021, according to estimates by the PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC). But it would be a shame if, after spending months or maybe even years working on your new musical masterpiece, its impact did not live up to your expectations. You could get some downloads, a few hundred views, and plays, but in essence, nothing to help your musical career! If you want to avoid this, you need a real marketing strategy and game-plan to create anticipation among your fans. By doing so, you will have more success with your music marketing campaign.

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So, what’s entertainment marketing? Together we infused our expertise and vast connections to create DIGITTOACCESS, an exclusive entertainment marketing agency focused on your goals and brand message. Well, you’ve come to the best place possible because our marketing gurus implement several proven and innovative strategies to promote your new EP or album release. This will serve to interest your fans, attract their curiosity and ensure that your album, tracks, EP’s will continue to sell over time. 

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What's Entertainment Marketing?

Don’t confuse this with the promotion of products and brands with the use of the media. Entertainment marketing in this context refers to the use of one or several marketing strategies that we can utilize in generating interest for upcoming entertainment events such as a new TV show, movie, attraction opening, musical album, long-playing (LP) or extended play (EP) records.

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Top Entertainment Marketing Tips to Promote Your New Album/EP

How to Market Your New Album or EP?

1. Make Adequate Preparations for the Release of Your Album or EP

Planning for the release
First and foremost, create a plan for the total duration of your launching campaign. This plan revolves around the release date and must include your concerts, your ads, the release of your promo content (teasing, cover, single, clip, cover, interview, etc.) and everything that seems relevant (newsletter, contacts, updates, etc.).

Also consider other aspects such as the protection of your works, online distribution (and possibly physical), the creation of merchandise, etc.
It’s obvious that you cannot wait to release your new album, but do not ruin it by taking several months to prepare for the release.

Document Everything
A major part of promoting your new album should go to the process of carefully documenting this entire adventure, from composition to studio, and from studio to stage. Take pictures and videos at each stage and write articles or publications to describe the whole process. You will have excellent content to share on social networks, on your site, and with your newsletter. For example, you may capture some audio, visual or audiovisual moments in the studio with Instagram or what have you. You can even go so far as creating a mini-documentary or a series of videos to raise the buzz.
Set Goals
During the entire launch campaign of your album or EP, you must analyze the statistics at your disposal. How many followers do you have? What is their level of commitment? How many people are viewing your website right now? How many downloads, views, and plays were there before the launch? Once you have these data, you can set SMART goals to measure the success of your campaign. From what threshold can you say it’s a success?
Update Your Project
Before promoting your new release, all your communication elements must go in the same direction. Indeed, all documents and aspects of your branding that are closely related to your project must have one and the same goal: the promotion of your new album or EP.


These include:

• Your professional photos
• Your biography
• Your press files (electronic or not)
• Your profiles on social networks
• Your website
• All other communication tools

These are the documents that will be taken into account by the pros and potential fans during their discovery of your musical project. They must be totally up to date and answer all common questions. In addition, prepare your press release to inform the media of the release of your album, but also the date of your release party. It’s not so complicated to write and you will get more traction in the media.

For the launch, you really want to create anticipation. For this, there are several ways to proceed. One thing you can do, for example, is to count down about 10 days before the release. Every day that comes closer, publish on your social networks a new visual informing your fans of the remaining number of days. Another idea is to broadcast only a short excerpt of a title or a clip, or even to reveal only part of the album art. Get creative and plan these actions over time to reveal a little more each week.
Ask Your Fans
As an independent artist or group, you do not have to do everything on your own. Indeed, if you look better, you will realize that you have a team of people ready to help you. It’s about your fans! Your launch strategy can include a crowdfunding campaign, an exclusive contest for your fans or a request to participate (for your next clip, or creation of cover or remix) that you will share later.

Aside from that, do not hesitate to ask your fans for concrete help, while rewarding their efforts in a proportionate way. Involve them more in your communication and your street marketing to grow the buzz locally or online.

Set Up A Pre-Order
In order to make additional sales, consider setting up a pre-order system either through iTunes or on your website. This will encourage your community to buy your album in advance, especially if you decide to include one or more exclusive bonuses (concert tickets, t-shirts, stickers, etc.).
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2. Before, During and After the Release

Contact Music Blogs And Radios
Once your project is mixed and mastered, start outsourcing influencers in your musical niche, such as music blogs, local radio, local press, etc. See if they would be interested in listening to your music and possibly including you in a column. However, keep in mind that most pros want to have your music even before it’s officially released. To go even further in this direction and increase your chances, you can offer to share exclusives (singles, clips, covers, ads, etc.) through their media. It takes time, especially if you want to get results. So you have to target tens or even up to a hundred media outlets. So, prepare your pitch and your schedule well.
Respond To Interviews
Try to get as many interviews, if possible filmed, from the media you contact. This allows you to share more personal details about the creation of your album and to show that you are attracting attention to this project. Do not reject any opportunity, since even the smallest media will allow you to gain authenticity from your fans and materialize the identity and potential of your brand. If you cannot reach anyone, consider doing this yourself, for example, by creating a series of videos on YouTube.
Publish Videos
Today, video is the reference format for delivering information or entertainment, especially thanks to platforms like YouTube. By creating more video content, you’ll make sure your music and ads always reach as many people as possible. This is particularly the case for your official clips that will attract much more attention than you can imagine. Therefore, produce as much video as possible. Your album has 12 tracks? Why not make 12 clips? Use the video to tell your creative process, your studio work or teaser. This will allow you to attract more people beyond your current community.
Use Your Newsletter
As you launch, share your singles, or album art with your newsletter, ask your fan community to share the information. Send an email announcing the release date and ask your fans to reply to your message if they wish to listen to an exclusive clip. In general, subscribers to your newsletter should be the first to know and you should constantly strive to collect addresses from new fans. There is as yet no more reliable and more powerful way on the web to communicate directly with your audiences than email.
Release PARTY!
Consider organizing an exceptional concert to celebrate the release of your new masterpiece. This will contribute greatly to boost its promotion, to sell merchandise and to inform the greatest number of people. You can either do a unique concert in your city on the day of the release or plan an entire tour in your area. You do not need to be internationally recognized or signed before trying to connect directly to your fans’ lives. Do this on your scale, even if your fan-base is limited. In any case, be sure to get as much as you can on stage around the release date of your musical album. This is also the right time to test new songs in real life!
Engage Your Fans On Social Networks
Artists are increasingly aware of the power of social networks in relation to their musical careers. However, it’s not enough to share an iTunes link or create a Facebook event to effectively promote the release of your album. You need to find original ideas to connect to your fans in a fun and engaging way. If you can create a really friendly and warm relationship, rather than spamming “BUY MY ALBUM”, you will build your fanbase and establish a relationship much more sincere and useful. This will boost your sales enormously over time.
Always More Music
It’s not because you just released your album or EP that you can put away your instruments. Nowadays, the modern artist must regularly provide his fan-base with new sounds. When you release new singles, you will maintain the buzz over time as well as the commitment you have made to your fans. But that’s not the only solution. You can also make propositions:

• Remixes of your songs by other DJs
• Acoustic versions of your titles
• Alternative versions of your titles

In short, think about the aftermath as not to lose the momentum that you built. The release of an album is an event for your career that you must prepare in great detail to take full advantage of. Take your time, be creative, listen to your fans and celebrate so many months of work as it should! Do you want more? We’ve got you covered. Digitto Media is the best possible agency to help take your music to the world.

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Becoming a celebrity or a music star requires a lot of work and commitment. But, even with talent, it is often difficult to be successful because the competition is extremely present. Understand your dreams and transmit your message and your values through your music, your style, your creativity, and your imagination. The market of the music industry is in perpetual growth. So it awaits new artists and young talents. Streaming sales are on the rise. The goal is to guarantee global digital development. Can you entertain? Do you have a talent and you want to share it with the greatest number of people?

Would you like to grow your celebrity status on a large scale? Make a difference, be smart, partner with a good marketing company and amplify your talents. Let us help you expand your communication and media marketing, promote your singles, titles, albums on global streaming platforms. Our promotion services for artists in conjunction with your ideas and talents will help you propel your career.

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