A Better Understanding of the Basics of WordPress

WordPress is an open source content management system or CMS and is currently the most popular website management platform being used on the Web. It is supporting more than 60 million websites including Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, Sony, Walt Disney, PlayStation, Coca-Cola, GM, American Express, Ford, and many others. I have a WordPress site just as many fortune 500 companies do.


Most people are unaware that WordPress.org is different from the free WordPress.com site. WordPress.com is the free version which is a widely used blogging system. WordPress.com have several limitations since it has limited supported themes and it does not allow plug-ins from being uploaded on the user’s site. As they say, you get what you paid for so you cannot expect too much from something you got for free.


WordPress.org, on the other hand, is not entirely free since you have to pay for the web hosting. The paid version comes with several great features since it allows you to customize your website and add plugins to your site to maximize its use as a CMS. My company website is enhanced with a custom code on the homepage, which is the first page, as well as in my Members Area Portal for my members. All these customizations are sitting on a WordPress theme.


We spend around $65 to $200 for a good theme and that’s just the beginning. To maximize the use of the site and to save the client thousands of dollars with the advancements in web development, experts at DIGITTO custom code all day long. Whether it’s solely PHP or PHP on WordPress or programming using different languages that we are experts in.


As an example, here is a site where the main pages are WordPress with custom code not only on a few of the pages but the entire eCommerce Shipping System. The INFRASTRUCTURE is fully customized.


MyBoxFly – http://www.myboxfly.com/


Why did we build MyBoxFly with WordPress and Custom PHP? WordPress provides a pre-built theme where you can build up a bulk of your site, without custom coding everything. To give you an idea on how helpful WordPress is, here is an example:


Imagine that you are on a game show. There is the host, you and your competitor. The goal of the game is to nail together four sides of a frame and hang it on the wall at the top of a platform. The first person to hang a completed frame wins.


The only way to reach the top of the platform is by using a ladder. There are several ladders around and pieces of an unbuilt ladder with tools to build it. You and the host both know that a ladder is needed to get to the top regardless of how it’s acquired.


The host yells GO! You grab one of the pre-built ladders because awesome it’s already built! All you need to do is to prop it up against the wall and climb up to the development phase of the game which is putting together the frame and hanging your project for completion.


You get to the top, build the frame, and hung it on the wall. You turn around, only to see your competitor still putting together his ladder, using more effort on something that could have been avoided. THE LADDER IS YOUR WORDPRESS. This is a platform you need to use to climb to success.

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